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    One of the great things about TSLRCM is that the Exile can teach the party all of the forms that they learn from the Jedi masters. You could teach Atton, Mira, Visas, Bao-Dur, and Disciple all the forms and techniques you learn… wait, shouldn’t Handmaiden be on the list? She ought to be in the first place when she becomes a Jedi! However, there wasn’t any scripting or VO available for the Handmaiden to be trained in the games files nor was there ever an alternate solution. Well, after some script writing and some VO splicing by jc2, you can now teach Handmaiden all the forms just like you could for your other companions! This mod can be installed easily at any time during your playthrough and will take effect when Handmaiden becomes a Jedi. Enjoy!- Mellowtron11 Installation: Run tslpatcher **NOTE** PartySwap by DarthTyren is compatible & Leilukin's Handmaiden Fem Romance & are any other mods that edit handmaiden.dlg Compatible with TSLRCM Incompatible with anything that edits "262bdcg.dlg" see readme for workaround if necessary. If you receive these 2 errors, nothing is wrong. And the installer will continue to patch these 2das as needed. These two errors simply mean that the installer does not need to place these two files in the override folder because they are already there, and will continue patching them correctly. This was put in place in th e unlikely event that your override did not have these two files already within. • Warning: A file named globalcat.2da already exists in the override folder. Skipping file... • Warning: A file named spells.2da already exists in the override folder. Skipping file... See readme for details on how to use. Any feedback, regardless of its nature, is appreciated!