Lethisk Freighter AKA I-Wing Placeable Modder's Resource for TSL 1.0

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About This File

This is a new mesh made from scratch to replicate the I-Wing shuttle/freighter from K1, the model for which was not included in TSL's files. It was made with the intention to replace the GWing shuttle that the Mandalorians use to take you to Onderon, but it could be used in other ways. It currently includes no texture, just a UV map, so you'll need to make your own texture to make much use of it. Includes ASCII and binary model and walkmesh/collision files.


Free for anyone to use and include in their own mod releases, but you must acknowledge the source. The mesh may not be released by itself or otherwise rehosted elsewhere.


DP_Lethisk_Freighter_I-Wing_Persp_TH.jpg DP_Lethisk_Freighter_I-Wing_Top_TH.jpg


DP_Lethisk_Freighter_I-Wing_Front_TH.jpg DP_Lethisk_Freighter_I-Wing_Back_TH.jpg



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