TSL Hak Pad - Booster Pack v2 2.0

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About This File

** Attention **


This is NOT a standalone mod! You will need to download and install my

TSL Hak Pad - MAIN Mod in order for this Booster Pack to work.




This is another expansion pack to my TSL Hak Pad cheat mod. It is also backwards compatible with my Booster Pack v.1, meaning you don't have to download it (if you haven't already) to get the functions it added. If you HAVE downloaded it, then just overwrite the files when prompted


With permission, andargor has allowed me to incorporate his Holowan CLoakworks 2 Disguise mod! Over 500+ disguises are now available (PC & NPC)!


andargor - http://www.andargor.com/


- Added andargor's Holowan Cloakworks 2 Disguises function

- Tweaked a few dialogue tree descriptions / categories

- Added Set PC / NPC's Level

- Added Adjust Skill Point Levels Function

- Added Adjust Attribute Scores Function

- **Added a "hidden" Special Interface for other Modder's Tools



** What this means is that if you happen to have the following mods installed, you can access it's functions through the Hak Pad without having to equip it!

You WILL however have to download and install their mods for this function to be available. You will also need to have their mod items in your inventory (the actual armbands).

But don't worry! If you don't have the mods, the special dialogue won't appear! (No need to worry about accidentally choosing an invalid function and crashing your game).



- Darth333's Wherami Armband



- RedHawke's Mistake Correction Armband



- mrdefender's Wrist Console




If you have already installed the above mods and they're working fine, DON'T CHANGE a thing! BUT, if you would like to download and use them via the Hak Pad, here's a little tip... just install all of the files WITHOUT the spells.2da. That's right, you won't need to edit it because the Hak Pad will directly access it's functions via the item's dialogue! How's that for a "hack"?!.. hehehe

Keep in mind, if you don't install their entries in the spells.2da, you won't be able to use the item on it's own (you'll HAVE to use the Hak Pad to use their mods)... just a warning



On a sidenote, thanks to feedback from the Original Hak Pad Mod, I have found that this mod also works for the Xbox!



2. STATS: (with Booster Pack v.2)



- Workbench

- Component Bench

- Medical Bench

- Virtual Items Storefront (FREE Items)

- Awards LS / DS Points

- Dispense Credits

- Create Chemicals Option

- Create Components Option

- Receive the Lightsaber Quest Parts

- "Train" NPC's into a Jedi Class!

- andargor's Holowan Cloakworks 2 Disguises (over 500+)

- Set PC / NPC's Level

- Adjust Skill Point Levels

- Adjust Attribute Scores

- Special Interface for other Modder's Tools



*- Must have MAIN file installed for this one to work!

What's New in Version 2.0


  • v2.0 adds functionality of main Hak Pad & Booster Pack v1
  • MUST have MAIN file installed first!

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