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Well everybody the wait is officially OVER I just got this mod from Shem and I have to say I think you all will be really excited about it. These robes are the robes Shem uses in most of his pictures for PotD's of Kotor. These robes are all made to Custom specifiations of all of your party members, or at least the ones that are Jedi anyway. Here is a little quote from Shem's readme on how these robes are made for specific players...

Quote:Each party member has their own robe. I specifically chosen specific colors for each member. Bastila has a lot of different shades of browns to go with her natural coloring. Jolee wears a gray tunic to symbolize his Force alignment because I believe him to be a Gray Jedi. In the end he choses the Jedi over the Sith so I gave him light brown pants. Juhani has a red tunic symbolize her fall to the dark side and her continue struggles with the dark side. In the end she does chose the Jedi over the Sith, so she does has brown pants for that reason. Each party member robe is designed so that only that specific party member can wear their robe.

Now as you can see from the quote Shem put a lot of effort into these robes but not all of the effort was his. Prime made the base of the robes that are being used here. Shem also has made all of the PC's robes race related, which means that if you are playing as an African American PC the body texture will show the skin on the body as the color of the PC's head. These robes will also replace all of the original bioware robes to give you a good looking aresenal of cool robes. As a bonus Shem has also added a couple of really cool things to the game, but you are going to have to work to get them as they are being sold at Crattis Yurkal's shop on dantooine. If you don't know where that is just refer to the readme. So all I have to say is nice job Shem on the mod, it is always good to see one of my fellow modders make an awesome mod. Also Shem and I want to give personal thanks to the creator of the base of mod Prime for allowing Shem to add on such an awesome mod. I hope everybody loves this mod as much as I think you guys will, enjoy! :D


Check out Prime's website for more of his awesome mods.


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