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Original KotORFiles review:

"Inyri brings us the TSL version of her model based on the Mass Effect 2 M-98 Widow for KotOR I, which was uploaded earlier this week. Since the mod is chiefly the same as the KotOR I version (except for KotOR II, obviously ;) ), here is the review of the K1 version:

Quote:Inyri's run of Mass Effect 2 weapon replicas for the KotOR games continues with a duplicate of the M-98 Widow weapon. The model replaces that of the "Sith Snipe Rifle" in the game, which can be bought from Kebla Yurt, in the Upper City, on Taris. The mod is a straightforward model replacement, and as such should be compatible with most mods, with the exception of those that affect the "Sith sniper rifle" weapon model.


The mod is produced with Inyri's usual, high level of polish and execution, with both model an texture of exemplary quality. As can be seen in the screenshots, this mod replicates the appearence of the original weapon with a high degree of accuracy. The ease of acquiring the weapon in the game is similarly welcome. In all, this is a masterclass in mod-making, as well as a remarkably fine piece of modelling and texturing. Ultimately, whether or not to download is a matter of taste, but it's hard to deny that this weapon looks fantastic.

N.B.: As this version is for TSL, the information from the KotOR I review is incorrect for the KotOR II version. This, the KotOR II version of the mod, replaces the Mandalorian Assault Rifle in TSL, and not the Sith Sniper Rifle as in KotOR I.


Mod Rating: Advanced


NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.


-Darth InSidious"


Installation Instructions:

Copy the contents of the archive to your SWKOTOR Override directory.


Included Files:






-The Read-me file


Uninstall Instructions:

Remove the above named files from your override folder.



This model is a replica of the m-98 Widow sniper rifle as seen in the game Mass Effect 2 (this is the sniper rifle that Legion upgrades to, although an infiltrator Shepard can use it as well). This is simply a blaster rifle replacement, so all of the weapons that use the w_blstrrfl_004 model will now show up as this gun, leaving it compatible with other custom blaster mods... except other replacement mods, naturally. It is specifically designed to overwrite the Mandalorian Assault Rifle (w_brifle_19.uti) due to there being no specifically-named sniper weapon in TSL.

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