Mr Defender's Wrist Console [TSL] 1.9

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Defender's Wrist Console
Modification Version 1.9

Author: Defender
Creation Date: February 4th, 2006
[contact information in read-me)


- For starters, make sure you have a folder named 'override' in your KotOR 2 directory.

- This modification requires a modified spells.2da file to work, if you have a spells.2da
  file please place it in your 'override' folder and not a sub folder.

    YES:     c:\games\kotor2\override\spells.2da
    NO!!:     c:\games\kotor2\override\modification\spells.2da

  TSL Patcher will then be able to patch your own spells.2da file instead of a new one.

- Once the 2da files are located in your override folder, click "Install" and TSL Patcher will ask you to point it to your Kotor 2 folder before installing.

    YES: C:\Games\Kotor2\
    NO!!: C:\Games\Kotor2\Override\

- TSL Patcher will now install the modification, and patch the 2da files (if any) if needed. Once this process is done, you will be able to use the wrist console modification in KotOR 2.

Adding Wrist Console to your inventory

Adding the wrist/droid console to your inventory is rather simple... the first method requires cheats to be enabled.
 1) while playing the game, press ~ and type in "giveitem wristconsole" or "giveitem dcc" , this will give you the wrist console or the droid console (respectively)
 2) Walk up to any workbench or medical lab and select the new dialogue options relating to this modification. Note, this is the method to use if you're playing on the Microsoft Xbox.
Giving the Wrist Launcher Proficiency to Everyone

If you walk up to the medical lab or workbench and select the 'upload schematics for replication’, and choose either the 'run proficiency script' or 'replicate a wrist console' or even 'replicate a droid console', the script will be executed and the proficiency feat will be given to everyone in your party (the ones onboard and offboard of the ebon hawk). There is a similar option located in the wrist console's replicator options under 'replicate wrist consoles' . If a party member joins your quest, simply re-run this script and he/she will acquire this feat.

Equipping the Wrist Console/Launcher

Once the wrist console is added to your inventory, and the proficiency script has been executed, you can equip it on any character in either armband slots. Please note, droids do not need the 'wrist launcher proficiency' feat to equip the droid command console (wrist console for droids).

Alternatively, there seems to be an interesting side-effect of making the wrist console a wrist launcher, apparently you can simply replicate 1 and not equip it, making it usable by anyone when it's just sitting in your inventory.... much like Chainz.2da's hak pad.. Not exactly sure how I managed to make that happen, but it is somewhat useful, if you don't want the wrist launcher console, simply leave it in your inventory... however, if you are interested in using the new wrist launcher capabilities, you will need to equip on a character (and, obviously, switch to that character to be able to use this feature)

NOTE FROM JUMPSTATIONZ ARCHIVIST: This mod – like most of the mods in the JumpStationZ Archive - has not been tested recently.  (Note the creation date above precedes TSLRCM by many years.)  If you download and install this mod, you assume all risk.  Additionally, you may note that this mod has no screenshots other than the old JumpStationZ logo and the title of the mod.  Feel free to include screenshots with your review if you feel moved to.


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