K1 Custom Party Member Portraits 3.0

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K1 Custom Party Member Portraits 3.0


This is a part of a larger upscale project for a set of mods that was released in the early days of KOTOR modding by the iconic ShemL. Here in 2023, with the abundance of upscale work being done on many of the game's textures, I found some of my favorite mods to be left behind with it's original textures which did not seem to mesh well with modern wide-screen play. I decided to upscale this mod along with some others that I do plan on releasing for public use. All files have been 4x'ed in size with the goal of increasing the quality and pixel density of the images to be more in line with the upscaled texture mods we see today. (Think Ultimate Character Overhaul by ShiningRedHD.) All credit goes to Shem, the previous author for all of the hard work and originality. I hope the community enjoys this revival as much as I have. With Shem authorizing the use of his assets in other creations, be on the lookout for other upscaling projects from me in the future. For others that want to use Shem's assets, or question whether or not this should be done, please visit this reddit comment detailing his permission regarding the use of his work in other releases. https://www.reddit.com/r/kotor/comments/11p0me0/looking_to_contact_shem_an_inactive_mod_author/

Installation Instructions: 

Drag and drop .tga files into override. Overwrite when prompted. 


ShemL - For the original files and inspiration. 

Source Files: 



What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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