K2Console - A Console For KOTOR 2 0.1.0

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This is a little tool that mimics the visible console from K1, in TSL. It's written in Python (I've attached the source code below).

 - The tool does not work in fullscreen mode (for now). I'd like to fix this in the future, but for now it only works in windowed mode.
 - The tool doesn't connect to TSL at all - it's completely separate. This means that (for example) if you open the console in TSL with tilde, and then alt-tab out of TSL and press tilde again, K2Console will detect this but TSL itself won't (meaning K2Console and TSL will be out of sync).
 - If you get out of sync and/or want to start the program again, you can type "xxxxx" (five x's in a row) into the console while it's open, which will close the program. Then just run the file "k2console.exe" and it'll start up again. No need to restart TSL (but make sure the TSL console is closed when you start K2Console, or you'll still be out of sync).
 - This program works by reading your keyboard inputs and storing them to memory, which is also one way a keylogger might work - so your anti-virus might identify it as such. This code does not connect to the internet at all (you can verify this for yourself if you like). I haven't included the source with the program package to avoid cluttering your TSL installation, but I included it as a separate download below.

Unzip all three files into the same folder as swkotor2.exe (i.e. C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II\, or wherever your TSL installation is located).

Delete the three files "k2console.exe", "console.bat", and "steam_console.bat".

If you use Steam: Instead of starting your game through Steam, you can start it by running the file "steam_console.bat", located in your TSL install folder.
Otherwise: Start the game by running "console.bat", again located in your TSL install folder.

 - Whenever you press ` to open the console in TSL, the mimic console should pop up too. I tried my best to exactly match the behavior of the TSL console (e.g. when it keeps text vs clears it), but if you find any discrepancies please let me know so I can fix them.
 - If I did my job, you shouldn't really be able to tell that the console's not built into TSL, so just use it as normal (with the ability to see what you wrote!)
 - To close the program (not TSL, just the console), type "xxxxx" (5 x's in a row) into the open console (this won't work if the console's not visible). Alternatively, you can close the command line that opens when you run the .bat file.

I'm not sure why you'd want to include this in other mods, but if you want to, you're welcome to do so with appropriate attribution.

Thanks to Thor110 for the idea for this tool, and for helping out with testing and ideas (as well as taking the screenshot for me).


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