Shirtless Atton Retex 1.1.0

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This is it. This is how Atton Rand was meant to dress. The faithfulness to his concept art is staggering


  • A coveted glimpse of Atton Rand's chest

Known Issues:

  • You're always going to see the neck seam because of cast shadows, so how obvious it is depends on the lighting. Some of the best lighting is found in the well-lit entryways of Nar Shaddaa's entertainment promenade, so if you want Atton's chest to look good while he tells you about the horrible acts he's committed, try to initiate the conversation there.
  • If you use the vanilla textures, there's a period of time in the middle of a dark side descent in which Atton's face won't match with his chest, since there's an extra transition texture for the face but not for the body. You can avoid this somewhat by using subtler dark side face textures; I like using tiredschutta's Atton reskin.

The file contains my edits on the vanilla texture files at 512p, and an optional file for use with tiredschutta's Atton reskin.

Move P_AttonBA.tga and P_AttonBAD01.tga to Knights of the Old Republic II\override

Delete P_AttonBA.tga and P_AttonBAD01.tga from Knights of the Old Republic II\override

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


I got better (?) at painting collarbones; new version's in the screenshots. Also added separate png files at 2048p that can be laid over your hi-res retexture of choice.

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I've been using this in my latest playthrough and I like it. It suits Atton, and the texture itself looks great.

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Looks great! Really gives him more of a casual look

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