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Mira Romance Mod



When KOTOR II TSL came out in 2004, it was a brilliant game but lacking a feature: you could romance your party members, however sadly you could not romance the hotest girl in the game!
This mod is intended to fix that, enabling the male exile to romance Mira.
It has been tested and works fine.

This mod is compatible with TSLRCM!
It is recommended to install this mod after TSLRCM, in case it edits the mira.dlg and global.jrl files.

I hope you will enjoy this mod!



The "get_close.ncs" and "kiss_mira.ncs" files were also bundled with the Bastila Romance Enhacement by Swfan28, which can be found here: Gamefront.com I believe the files are KOTOR proprietary as only the k_hbas_dialog.dlg file was altered in that mod...

The Author also implies something similar in his Mod Description:

PERMISSIONS: This mod may be used without the explicit permission of the author WITH ONE EXCEPTION. If you want to use the file "k_hbas_dialog.dlg" from To Override (Allronix Dlg-Pack 2.0) you have to ask Allronix for permission.

Since he clearly stated that only the "k_hbas_dialog.dlg" file requires permission, and he is nowhere to be found anyway since this is a 2008 mod that was reuploaded to other sites several times, i believe it is ok to include the files even if they were mod-proprietary (which they appear not to be!)...

Anyway, in all eventuality and just to be on the safe side, I hereby give full credit to Swfan28 / Allronix for the "get_close.ncs" and "kiss_bastila.ncs" (that has been renamed to "kiss_mira.ncs" for this mod) files and menetion that they are only used in my mod as auxiliary / aiding files with this mod and should no be considered mod content or my work! As a matter of fact, thay do not even work as intended and produce a very different effect from the original, intended effect! In the eventuality of any sort of issues these files will be removed from the mod!



- TSLPatcher Install (recommended):

Run TSLPatcher.exe, click the “Install Mod” button, then point it to your KOTOR II TSL install directory and wait for the mod to install.

- Manual Install:

Unzip the archive, then copy the "Override" folder inside the "Mira Romance Mod" folder into your KOTOR II TSL install directory (Default: C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/swkotor2 or C:/Program Files/Star Wars - Kotor 2 for GOG version).
If the Override folder was already created earlier (by installing other mods, etc.), just overwrite the Override folder when copying the files.

You should have the following files inside your swkotor2/Override folder:



To uninstall the mod, just delete the following files from your Override folder:


Redistribution and Use:

You may re-upload this mod on other websited or here (if you have a copy of it and it is no longer hosted online), with proper credit given.

You may use this mod and associated files to include in Your own mod without asking permission, it is only required that You give credit for my mod!

It is not permitted to re-upload this mod or use it as part of your mod claiming it is your work and without giving credit.


Many Thanks To: JCarter426, JC2, DarthParametric for the great advice and support!
Deadlystream Community, Kotor Tool Creators, K-GIFF Creators, Modding Tutorials Creators


TSLRCM Compatibility: Yes

1.1.0 - Original Release, First Update

What's New in Version 1.1.0


Update 1.1.0 features: Added a TSLPatcher installer to the mod, for easy and optimized installation.

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