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Chapter 1: Liar Liar, The Endar is on Fire



Our first adventure takes us to the usual scene. Our hero awakens, pulled away from his wonderous dream of being surrounding by Twilek Lekku, With his morning quarterstaff still up and about, our trusty bunkmate has come to inform us of the situation. In a terrible state of ironic affairs, it seems that he is the one who has fallen out of bed and hit his head, as he believes that he is a Jedi Knight. Yep, a Jedi Knight holding a Blaster rifle and with a Republic Soldier uniform. Seems legit. He also speaks the Twilek language. Fascinating. There have been stories, rare as they are, of people suffering traumatic cranial injuries regaining consciousness to find memories that were not once theirs or somehow have the ability to speak a language never spoken by them before. Perhaps this is one of those moments?

Anyway, we have to escort our immensly confused friend to the scene of the battle. We now have a glimpse of what he actually looks like through our animated profile pic of him! Based on this most handsome face, I believe a more fitting name should be applied. Yes, henceforth, we shall name our companion "Bruh".


Anyway, Bruh's first battle with sith ends up poorly, but we still survived! In reality, it's just cause we're invincible on the first level, but let's just play along and pretend that Bruh cut down all those mean bad sith bullies with his laser sword


Rude ass still won't give me the advanced medical kit he usually would here tho...

But now, we've reached the heart of the battle, and it seems like all hands are on deck! In one corner we have a mercenary, on the other corner, a Czerka employee, and on the other corner... a civillian?


That thing is nearly half her size, dang. What is she even doing here??


Oddly enough, that's supposed to be Selven. How nice of her to help the Republic before she died. Shame, guess we'll have to kill her again on Taris to make up the favor. BTW, so nice of the journalist the Repuiblic hired to interview bastilla to pick up arms and defend the ship.


I also really like the new Twilek Sith Captain! Adds some really nice diversity to the sith ranks. I have to wonder though, who thought she would be fit for battle with her arm so damaged?


As Bruh and Revan limp their way to victory, fighting against odds clearly meant for a Jedi and not two republic soldiers to be dealing with, we come across a duel between a Dark Jedi and a Jedi apprentice, our first lightsaber encounter in the game! Except for some reason, Bruh keeps talking about how that's his padawan... Ya, sure thing, Bruh. We'll take you to the neurologist as soon as this mission is done with, ok buddy?



Unfortunately, both the Dark Jedi and the Jedi perished in the battle. Bruh is not to happy that we pointed out that she died, constantly lamenting about how she could take her on no problem... even though this was her first actual real mission. Bruh, you need help ASAP


To try and make some sense of this, Bruh attempts to meditate to resolve the issue, falling back on his Jedi teaching. Ya, his nonexistant Jedi teaching. C'mon...





You're not a real Jedi, you're a ground unit! You are a general's plaything!

Finally, the insanity is almost done, and I got my first level u....uhhhh wait what?
OK, something is missing here, I can't quiet put my finger on it...



Where the feats at?

Where are the ranged attacks? I'm pretty sure a few other things are missing. If I'm not careful, I could find myself getting stuck on this menu just cause my character gained every feat to early lol

And this next scene, Bruh truly reveals his insanity. He just suddenly took off his clothes (I swear I didn't do this), ran into Darth Bandon unarmed and said that the Force would protect him or something and that fate was a mysterious thing.

We'll whatever, I'll let that lunatic deal with little bald.


Godspeed, Bruh

Finally, time for the second pa-

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Carth is Black


my god man what is even happening lol

btw was the scout outfit intentional? I'll assume the extra melanin was not.


To my utter shock, the Dark Stalker mod for the Endar Spire, which I modifed heavily, still works flawlessly! I have no idea how, but I'm not complaining!


Well, that's it for part 1. All things considered, part 1 is tame. Like, REALLY tame, compared to what's next. If you enjoyed this blog entry, don't worry, it all goes downhill from here!

Stay tuned~

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Oh my god, what have you done?!

 Advanced issues found

I'm guessing you've installed my K1 Gameplay Improvement Demo with a plethora of other people's mods and now you're experiencing some pretty funny conflicts, well: don't panic (yet), I'm here to explain what my K1GI mod was 'supposed' to do and how the conflicts have messed it up. Keep in mind I'm only explaining what I can see, I betcha the rest of the game will be as chaotic or even worse than the chaos which is the Endar Spire.

First off, my 'rebalances'. In my mod, I've changed the balances of the feats, skills and attributes in the mod. You should get a bit more attribute points, new class skills and reworked feats. In this mod, all the ranged attack feats, all the sneak attack feats and all the specialist and focus blaster feats are gone, this is because in my mod you get those feats through items which give them to you for free. For example, if you pick up a Heavy Repeating Blaster you might get Improved Rapid Shot for free whilst a Sniper Rifle would give you the Sniper shot feat etc. Blaster focus/specialist feats and sneak attack feats are granted through mask items. Also in the mod, but maybe not in your game, any character except T3 could get themselves the Lightsaber Focus Feat but not the Saber focus/specialist feats as only Jedi can get those. Because this mod also removes the Jedi Defence requirement on robes you could have every party member wear Jedi Robes and wield Lightsabers if you were that ambitious. The idea is that there can be more customisation with your characters so that Canderous with every melee feat can switch to his Heavy Repeater without much of a struggle adapting to it.


In a recent update, I've made it so that it takes longer for your player to level up so that, alongside the feat balances, should hopefully prevent the player from learning everything too early on. (This might be a tad experimental though, when the mod goes from Demo to Beta I will take a strong stance on balancing)


Next feature, Trask "Bruh" Ulgo is a Twilek Jedi Master in this mod. Do you remember how the old Jedi From The Start mods added a Twilek Trask which was 'your' Jedi Master? Well this mod does that again except he ain't your Jedi Master but rather he is your Jedi Commander and your player is the soldier serving under him. I'm guessing the character file for trask was replaced by a vanilla one, hence is why he ain't no Jedi, has no Lightsaber and has his human face. I'm also guessing your UI mod stretches Trask's portrait, but if you look real close that portrait is his intended appearance (Minus the 'Bruh' aspect of it). His dialogue is unchanged hence is where his 'Jedi' dialogue keeps coming into play.


The Twilek Captain is also a bug, in my mod she was actually a generic 'Sith Commander' as shown below.



I'll give you an idea of what's happened: The Sith Commander appearance is on line 400 for example, in K1R Major Hurka is also on line 400, what should've happened is that the TSLPatcher would merge the 2da files together so that Hurka would appear on line 401 so that it becomes compatible. Something seriously wrong has happened, as a result the Sith Commander has been replaced by Hurka and a new generic Republic Officer with a Soldier Helmet has been replaced by Selven (The Czerka Twilek and the Civillian are from my K1GI so I'm not sure what's happened their). The reason why Hurka has a Twilek head is very similar to why the Commander is Hurka, the Hurka appearance on line 400 has the head set to head 100 for example, in K1R head 100 is Hurka's head whilst in K1GI its the Twilek and for some reason Hurka's head didn't replace the Twilek hence is why your Hurka is a Twilek (Personally I don't recognise the Twilek shown so it could be from someone else mod, maybe an Ebmar mod, but I assure you I've added a bunch of Twilek heads so it could be)


You've installed JC's TSL Robe for K1 mod, haven't you? That mod isn't compatible and for a very good reason, I've integrated TSL Robes into the mod my own way making JC's Robes unnecessary. What my mod does is that it keeps the K1 Jedi Robes exactly as they are in vanilla, it also adds in more Jedi Robes for you to collect and wear but I've replaced the Revan Robe model with the TSL Robe robe thus allowing the player to use TSL Jedi Robes and K1 Jedi Robes at the same time. JC's Robes replaces the K1 Jedi Robes with TSL Robes, which is what has broken the Jedi Robes seen in your game as that robe texture is a K1 Robe texture.



So, in vanilla Trask doesn't have an underwear model so when he 'took his clothes off' he did that in Vanilla as well but you just couldn't see it. A mod you've installed has added an underwear model for him, hence the bug. He runs into the room unarmed because he's supposed to be wielding his purple Lightsaber, because he has no Saber feat to wield it that's why he has no weapon, the non-existent Force dialogue is obviously from the Trask a Jedi feature.


Carth here was supposed to wear Republic Uniform which I added in my mod, once you're on Taris he should be back to normal as his Republic clothing is a new appearance (Meaning that on Taris he should be normal as he has his vanilla look, that is unless something broke him down there as well). This mod comes with its own NPC Overhaul, a very severe version of it. My mod creates a plethora of brand new commoners, with new commoner clothing from TSL and K1EP, new heads (both human and alien) from TSL, K1EP and ROR, and brand new variants including Onderon Noble variants, Dantooine Hobo variants and... Scoundrel and Scout variants, the scout variant is what you see Carth as. I also have Republic Soldier variants where you saw Twilek Hurka, Twilek Czerka, Selven and that commoner earlier.




Fun fact: I haven't included the Sith Stalker encounter in my mod, I have included the regular Sith Stalker in later parts of the game.


Now while this is an example of how not to install my mod, I still really want to see where this goes. Looking forward for more broken Kotor here.


Edit: Just realised you intended to break your game here, thanks for considering my mod: you made a bloody good choice XD. Will you consider posting a list of mods (maybe mods used in each blog per blog to keep things small) so that I could use the list so that when I make a "Compatibility list of mods" in the future I could use that for reference?


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