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Bao-Dur's return to Citadel Station


[NR] Bao-Dur's return to Citadel Station - Bao-Dur was supposed to take the PC back to Citadel Station and then it'd be there that he'd track the Ebon Hawk to the polar ice cap instead of going through the Czerka base.


This is a piece of cut content that was not restored in TSLRCM. This feature is probably unnecessary thus why it was cut, for anyone who is interested this blog will read out how this section of cut content was going to play out (I may, at times, need to guess what was going to happen to make this make sense as this is content clearly unfinished). 


In Vanilla and TSLRCM, Bao Dur found the location of Atris' academy through a computer terminal on the landing pad. Through the terminal, he was able to hack into the Force Field Network. In this cut content, the terminal is not on the Landing Platform but rather it is the terminal in Chodo Habats office. Once you defeat the mercs and go onto the empty landing platform Bao Dur's dialogue would go something along the lines of


Bao Dur: "The freighter's not here. We'll have to enter the underground ruins and look for the military escape shuttle. The entrance is at the south end of the compound."

Player: "How do you know the shuttle will be there?"

Bao Dur: "I don't, but that's not going to stop me. I'm getting back to Citadel Station if I have to build a new ship myself."

If you spoke with Bao Dur after this he'd reply with 


Bao Dur: "We can talk later. Right now we've got to find a way back to Citadel Station."


The Military Base would play out normal, the player would take the Shuttle from the Military Base back to the Hangar of wherever you left whether that be the Ithorian or Czerka Hangar (Please note there is no movie for a Telos Shuttle landing on the Citadel, if someone did make this a mod it'd have to reverse the takeoff video to make it appear as if it is landing though then an NPC in the background of the video would walk backwards though this NPC "may" be able to be edited out). As the player would have no idea where the ship is this is why they'd come back and not to the Polar Region. On the Citadel you could, if you wanted to, talk to Grenn where he'd say his vanilla "So you have returned" lines though only this time he'd say them much earlier than in Vanilla as you return earlier. When you arrive at the Ithorian HQ Chodo would have some new lines if Bao is in the party, without him in the party you'd be stuck until he is in the party.


Chodo: "Ah, Bao-Dur. I heard you'd returned. This pleases me."

Bao Dur: "Good to see you again. Have you already heard about Czerka's operations on Telos?"

Chodo: "I had. Moza has been in session with the Telosian Council regarding some Czerka files your new companion helped us acquire."

Chodo: "Dol Grenn interrupted with news of what you'd encountered, and Moza sent word immediately. It seems that Czerka's days here are finally at an end."

Bao Dur: "I would hope so."

Bao Dur: "Come. The Ithorian's computer system is hooked up the Restoration Zone Grid and shield network. Let's find your ship."


Presumably, if you helped Czerka Chodo would deliver some news along the lines of "things are going bad" and "we can't seem to be able to stop Czerka". None of the Czerka dialogue was written as it's all incomplete, whilst Chodo would dislike a Dark Sided Exile Chodo would still tolerate his/her presence in his own HQ, especially if his own friend Bao-Dur is with him so I have little doubt that a Dark Sider would still need to come back to Chodo to gain access to the shield network (The other only alternative is Jana Lorso as one can assume she has access to the Czerka controlled restoration zones herself, however, in vanilla Bao-Dur shows distaste for Czerka and in cut content Jana Lorso betrayed Bao-Dur and almost had him killed, this cut dialogue will be released in one of my upcoming mods). Once you interact with the terminal Bao Dur would have his dialogue with the terminal about finding the power interference in the Polar Region minus the dialogue of having to go into the Military Base as in vanilla on the landing platform. Once you had completed this you were then meant to return to the shuttle either in the Ithorian or Czerka Hangar. It is a possibility, yet unconfirmed, that once you finished up with the terminal you would hear an announcement over the loudspeakers from Jana Lorso.


"Attention, Citadel Station. This is Jana Lorso, your Czerka branch's Executive Officer."

"As you may know, Republic negotiations with Onderon have deteriorated of late. Czerka entered Citadel Station in the hopes of resolving the situation for the good of Telos."

"I regret to inform you that the Telosian government, with the aid of the Ithorians, has entered an anti-Republic treaty with Onderon."

"In order to protect the Republic's investment in Citadel Station and for the betterment of Telos, Czerka has been forced to assume command of the station."

"Until Republic forces arrive to formally depose the Telosian Council and restore order, Citadel Station will remain under Czerka control."

"This should not affect your daily affairs. Please go about your business as usual. Thank you for your cooperation."


This is related to another piece of cut content I will detail in another blog as I have no reason to confirm or deny that this would happen right now during this section of cut content. This could of, for all I know, happened once you finished Telos completely and if you helped Vaklu on Onderon. Once you leave the station the HK-50 droids would arrive in the Bay Control area and presumably kill the Ithorian or Duros inside and have the exact cutscene as they have in the Military Base aka they send a squad out to the Polar Region to kill you. If the Ithorian is killed in the Bay Control you won't be able to talk to him if you want to steal the Prototype shield for Samhan Dobo (Despite this, you will still be able to complete the quest).



And that is the "Bao-Dur's return to Citadel Station" cut content. Feel free to leave opinions on this down bellow (how you feel about the content, was it a good idea to have this cut, should TSLRCM include this, should this be it's own mod) and also let me know whether or not I should write up any more explanations for cut content.

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This wouldn't be the first time that this cut material was discovered.  It was something that Darth Balor / Pikmin was trying to put into the failed K2RP / TSLRCP project.  (Yes, the K2RP site still exists and there is still a mention of TSLRCP on MODDB. And no, this isn't an out of season April Fool's joke.)  You may recall me mentioning a little about that unfinished mod in my M4-78 documentary - particularly in the @Stoney chapter.

Also, it's talked about in Scorchy's walkthrough but here's the page you'd want if you want to hear what Scorchy said about the Czerka PA announcement.  Just scroll until you see the words "Cut Content" as an image about 80% down the page and you should find it.

It seems like the effort to restore might be not be worth it if we're to judge by what they left behind - but I've been proven wrong before.

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