Blog #71 - Wanna Have a Small Part in the Next M4-78 Documentary Chapter?

Sith Holocron


Hello everybody! I've previously had someone else record a fine version of the line below but as he's also playing a larger role in the chapter, I'd rather not have any viewer confused by one person playing multiple parts. Therefore, I'd like to open the smaller part to the general public.
If you are interested, record the part below and I'll let you know once I've found what I've needed. This role is not gender specific so anyone can feasibly offer an attempt. It would probably be easiest to record yourself, and then post your entry in the form of a YouTube video here in this blog.




You are reading out an entry on Wookiepedia. In essence, you are the Wookieepedia.


- "M4-78" should be spoken as "M four seven eight."
- "Vash" rhymes with "Bash" or "Crash"
- "Kaah" rhymes with the "aaah" you make at the doctor's office.
- "Ohtok" spoken as"Oh" and "Tock"
- Try pronouncing "Tourath" as "Too" and "Wrath". As we technically have no known pronunciations of "Tourath" available to us, try to wing it!


Here are the actual lines.


From Wookieepedia:
“Tourath was the Padawan of Jedi Master Mara. When Mara was killed by droids on the planet M4-78, Tourath butchered the Sith troopers on the planet. When the Exile arrived on the planet, Tourath attempted to kill her, thinking she was the Sith Lord responsible for Mara's death. Tourath was defeated after the attempt on the Exile’s life.


Mara and Tourath may have been early versions of Lonna Vash and Kaah Ohtok, respectively. Tourath may also have been one of the few NPCs to wield a golden bladed light saber in Knights of the Old Republic 2."


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I second the idea of having more voices in this project!


I might throw my hat in and give this a try, just for the sake of the community.

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Thanks but I've already got this covered now.  However, stay tuned - as I'll likely need assistance for the next chapter.  I'll make an announcement about that when I'm ready.  ;)

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