Blog #42 - Disciple and the Holocrons

Sith Holocron


Disciple and the Holocrons . . . that sounds like a bad KOTOR cover band, doesn't it? Anyway . . .


As most of you know, there's some cut content in The Sith Lords regrading "lost holocrons" and Disciple's quest to find them all. During the quest you'd find several of them - both Jedi Holocrons and Sith Holocrons. You could gain force powers from the holocrons. It was a shame it was unreleased as it actually gave you something to actually do with Disciple - a character that racks low on the NPC character scale.


And yes, there are sound files for this.



To you that have found this blog, I hereby present a challenge: Using some or all of the lines in the above video, create a feasible mission and dialogue tree that would enable the Disciple and your Exile to complete that cut quest. May the Force be with you.


[insert Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference here]

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Now ain't this a great idea :D I don't remember ever finding this stuff myself. It's probably enough to make some sort of Tomb of Freedon Nadd quest equivalent, which would be awesome.

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