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Not Another Ad....



REVANATOR'S Improved Korriban Tomb Loot Mod


Ever wonder why the Sith on Korriban were spoken of as near mythical in their prowess of combat and control over the dark side of the force?


Well now you will know. No. . Now you will experience some of their Hate. Some of their Power!
And the force shall set you free.
Also each item has lost it's dark side restriction, because you are, afterall, Revan, who has walked both the light and the dark side of the force.


Tulak Horde imbued his dark side aura unto his mask, the stats now reflect a Sith Master with Revantor's mod.
Marka Ragnos' Gauntlets that slew countless Sith contestors can now be held in the hands of the any force user.
Naga Sadow's Posion Blade carves the dark side of the force into the veins of it's enemies, crippling their physical body with stats that actually make an impact in the game.
Ajunta Pall's Blade competes against even the most powerful lightsaber as it once did during the ancient Sith times.
Lastly, the two swords in Ajunta Pall's tomb are revealed to be powerful sith blades used by lesser Sith to give plausiblity to the riddle and to the craftsmanship of the Ancient Sith.




This is the download link! http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/913-improved-korriban-tomb-loot/


Go and Check this mod out!


This also combines well with the mod, "Upgradeable Sith Lightsaber" on Deadlystream, by GhostlyBreadbin.
His mod allows you to upgrade the "Sith Lightsaber" you find to complete the Sith trial where you fight Yuthura Ban and/or Uthar.


Recommended Comments

Why are you not reviewing the mod on the download page - where it can actually do more good?


PS: You spelled the modder's name wrong.

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I felt like it was too long. Nobody likes long reviews, they discourage others to comment, and it would seem very biased. Even childish. 

Besides if I misspell something or wished to delete it, I could not easily do that. Yet on my blog, I can edit or remove. Such as the modder's name I spelled wrong as you mentioned.  

Also if people ever end up going through the blogs on this site, they will see my ad and they might check his mod out. 


Still, you have a solid point. I think I'll head over there and submit some sort of review. 

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