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KOTOR Grass Glitch

grass bug bugs glitch

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#1 Maphisto86


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Posted 06 May 2017 - 05:25 PM

So I finally ran into the dreaded grass glitch in Knights of the Old Republic on Taris, in the Undercity map. It basically causes the grass textures to go haywire on newer video cards. I hear it effects AMD/ATI video cards mostly; I have an Intel card myself. I tried a custom fix shown here on the Steam forums, but it did not work for me. I put the GLOveride files in both the main directory for KOTOR and the 'Override' directory, but neither worked.


Sadly this glitch appears to also be present in Knights of the Old Republic II as well. The only workaround I can tell is to simply turn 'Grass' off in the 'Graphics' menu of the game. I am frankly shocked that both Steam and GOG.com sell a game with such an obvious and basic problem. Then again, they did not make the games so they probably could not patch them even if they wanted to. What could be causing this glitch?

#2 superSzym


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Posted 06 May 2017 - 07:06 PM

For me GLOverride worked, but required me to extract Rancor's texture with KotOR tool and remove the alpha channel. I have AMD Radeon 7900.

I am actually also wondering why does the grass render many things invisible. Probably the game has problems in interpreting textures with alpha channels and some of the envmaps on certain video cards, which is a graphic issue and probably would require quite a heavy update. Not much can be done about it by the modders I think, as GLOverride would cause a bad interpretation of other textures with alpha channels, I mentioned the rancor as it was actually the one I've seen, but some mentioned also HKs, which I don't know because I'm using DP's replacement with Kainzorus' textures for both games. Oddly enough, while many of these textures could be fixed by adding a CM_Baremetal envmap, this doesn't always work - for rancors, it didn't, at least for TSL.

The grass is the most commonly mentioned bug, but you can find graphic bugs of all kinds if you're not using some rusty archaic NVidia. For example, each time I change the planet and during the Taris Carth meeting scene, Carth's textures disappear, on the Ebon Hawk the cockpit skyboxes, Zaalbar's and Mission's (lekku) textures also go somewhere over the rainbow, though this is probably due to me using quite a bit of mods (K1 Enhancement Pack, Russian KotOR Graphic Modification, KotOR Ultimate 0.4 for Ebon Hawk textures, High Quality Skyboxes, High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes, Quanon's and Cache71's textures for which party members possible and Quanon's for the rest).

The only practical solution is to find on E-bay some ancient Nvidia artifact, a PC of matching age and then happily play KotOR without any mods.

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Posted 07 May 2017 - 09:58 AM

The only practical solution is to find on E-bay some ancient Nvidia artifact, a PC of matching age and then happily play KotOR without any mods.

Not exactly true, I currently have GTX 970 - no glitches. I never had graphic bugs with both games on nVidia cards, and I used a lot of them (5600, 6600, 8600, 9800, 450, 650, 970). 

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