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Requesting an edit to EH med-bay in TSL prologue

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I'm making a request for an alteration med-bay to the Ebon Hawk as it is in the prologue of the game.  (I figure limiting this to only the prologue version of the EH may make things easier for this actually be done.)

Anyway, if we all recall , the Exile is unconscious in the med-bay for the prologue.  I happen to have a EKG graphic which I previously used in another mod of mine. 


After doing some clean up in it, I figure I'd be able to use it again.  I thought it might be useful to see the graphic on the bulkhead over the med-bay bed.  (See green outline in image below for the best probable position.) And the name of the texture that you'd be attaching to the position above the Exile should be something that isn't already in the original game.


Those that want to go the extra mile and ghave something that would be present through the entire game, that is also acceptable.  (It may help distract a bit from Visas awkward unconscious position after you defeat her.)

Even if you don't feel like working on this yourself: If you have any suggestions to folks that are willing, to do so, please drop a comment below.



PS: EKG in blue for purists:




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The change is simple enough, but I don't think you'd want to make it that giant. You'd be better off making that panel an array of smaller individual monitors, like the ones that surround the player when they wake up on Peragus. Say like 3 or 4 rows of 3 monitors wide (depending on what the actual aspect ratio of the panel is). It would also make sense to have some buttons and keypads on it, like real-world medical monitoring gear.

You could have alternative versions in the regular Hawk that are switched with a room animation if you wanted them to be in off and on states.

Edit: Something like this, for example.


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Posted (edited)

That would work better if the drawers (grey rectangles) were in the middle of the red cabinet so the monitors could seen in the cutscene shown above. I am sure I could find pictures to fill the other squares, especially if they were separated out to individual textures.  (Having it way, I could use different frame lengths so they wouldn't be synchronized with each other.)

Off topic: This is a long message for me to type on a phone. 

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You could do whatever layout/form factor you wanted, that was just a quick and dirty mockup. The "drawers" were intended to be panels with buttons and so forth, I just didn't bother slapping a texture on it.

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