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Master Urias Fenris

Just a couple thoughts and help

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Ok. There are several things I've noticed. I am running the latest version of TSLRM and M4-78EP 1.5 - the latest version.

1. I do not have the ability to talk with Kaah about the transmissions between the planet and the original colonists for the "Data Transfer" Quest. Plus, talking with M4 about it does not advance the quest either.

2. After the Sith Assassin attack, upon freeing Vash, in the central hub, two remain as friendly and the music stays in combat mode.

3. I have run over all of the planet several times now and I cannot find the Processing core for ES-58  (in the alcove adjacent to the entrance of the Industrial zone) for the "Fixing Droid" quest. I have scoured the empty containers 10x or more all over the planet, and even ran through the Black Market Droid a couple times to no avail. 

4. For my DS toons, what is the play order in order to have Kavar, Vrook, and Zez killed before M4-78 (in order to have Vash appear on Dantooine)? The order I have done after Telos is different between the genders:

Male - Nar Shaddaa (to pick up Mira/Hanharr), Duxn-Onderon (for Mandalore), Dantooine, and Koriban. In the past, even after completing Dantooine, Mandalore's sidequest (visiting the groups of Mandos on Dantooine and Nar), and Korriban Kelborn will not contact me for the Duxn-Onderon final battle until after I have completed M4-78.

Female - First 2/3 of Dantooine (for Disciple), Nar (Mira/Hanharr), Duxn-Onderon (for Mandalore), Mandalore's sidequest, the final 1/3 of Dantooine, and Korriban. Kelborn will not contact me even in that order until after I have completed M4-78. 

The game somehow forces me to have encountered only two masters by the time I meet Vash on M4. What would be the order to visit the planets in, in order for my DS toons to have defeat Kavar, Vrook, and Zez-Kai-El by the time I meet Vash in order for her to be the lone Master in the enclave?

5. The IS-14 quest - is not able to be completed (the mystery of searching out the head maintenance droid)

6. I understand that logic states that because Vash does not have any lines in the enclave sequence that she must die on M4 - regardless if your Light or dark. For those of us (me included) who are pure LS players, I think it would be worth looking into to have our main toon help her survive the Sith Assassin ambush by assisting her and Kaaah in the attack so that she can get off-world. Instead of just standing there and watching Vash and Kaah get cut down.

Other than that, all around great mod.


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