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Hey everyone,

I know this isn't kotor related, but it's old kotor era Bioware. I decided to give Jade Empire a playthrough and noticed that no one has done a HD Texture Pack mod for JE. So I've decided to give it a go myself, making a HD texture pack for NPC's and the environment. I've never made a texture pack myself and it's taking a while,. But progress is certainly being made. When I finish the mod I'll be posting it here on DeadlyStream (if I can) and/or on Nexus. 

I'm using an AI upscaler, I've upscaled the textures 6x and here's a preview of one texture that's been done, Dawn Star. Let me know what you think.


I understand that the preview images I uploaded are a small size so it may be difficult to see the improvement. But in game you can certainly see the difference.

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I appreciate every effort to make games look better, especially games like Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic which I count among my favorite so thanks for this.

I personally cannot see much of a difference except in the very last picture where the colors contrast is much more prominent.

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