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(Mod Request) Editing Coruscant Mod

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The mod called Coruscant Jedi Temple is a fun little sideshow from the Main Campaign. It is just sad that the map is awfully empty. I mean i get that according to canon the Jedis have disappeared but cmon the Republic still see the Jedis as heroes  or such (According to GoTo) and such why shouldnt the temple still be filled with Diplomats, Traders and Republic Soldiers still patrolling the area. Can someone please edit this mod and add more friendly NPCs. Thank you. @deathdisco 


P.S. im using Call_of_Aid 1.2 version to place the Soldiers for reference. (Check Screenshots for reference)
P.P.S. Im using kotor2 mobile version and i have found a way to install TSLPatchers files thanks to a youtuber called Negative Zero. You simply need to copy a file (from the main kotor game) or create a file called dialog.tlk and whenever the TSLPatcher asks for installation location you select the folder that has the Dialog.tlk file and Viola. You can now add TSLRCM and other countless mods to play :)







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