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What's your SWTOR Reputation?

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Like the "Let's See Your Characters" thread, this is your opportunity to show off a part of characters' legacy: the Reputation Tracks.

If you aren't aware, certain factions across the universe grant token of their gratitude which advances your Reputation with that faction.  Some achievements and items from those faction's reputation vendor are gated behind certain Reputation levels.  The rarest gear and titles are usually gated behind the Legendary tier, which indicates you've maxed out that faction's REputation track.  You can see how you're doing by hitting the "Y" key to open your Legacy window and clicking on the Reputation section.

For the past few weeks, I've been working on turning my Reputation "green" which a easy indicator that the track has been maxed out.  Here are my current "fields of green"


How have you been doing so far folks?

Update as of 28APR2021:



Stealth Update as of 07JUL2021:


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I haven't played in a few years but got my account sorted out the other day.

For a while I was also trying to 100% various things and gain all the reputation for whatever reason.

Imperial Reputation


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