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reone toolkit

toolkit is a GUI application that can be used to inspect, extract, convert and create game resources. Part of reone engine project.

## Features

Preview 3D models, images and audio files
Extract BIF/RIM/ERF archives
Unwrap WAV to WAV/MP3
Convert TPC to TGA/TXI
Create RIM/ERF/MOD archive from directory
Disassemble NCS to PCODE
Assemble NCS from PCODE
Decompile NCS (experimental)


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Command-line reone-tools have been converted to a GUI application. Hopefully will be useful to some.

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Released version 0.2 of the toolkit, most significant improvement being in NCS decompilation.

Decompilation now happens in four steps:

  1. Compiled script is parsed into assembly-like list of instructions
  2. Instruction list is converted into equivalent language-agnostic expression tree
  3. Expression tree is optimized for readibility, making a heavy use of inlining
  4. Optimized expression tree is converted to pseudo-NWScript code

Decompiler tries to convert instructions into expressions in the most straightforward manner and does not rely on specific instruction patterns produced by the Bioware compiler. Downside is that it doesn't yet know how to detect loops and structures, hence the output is only a pseudo-code and cannot be compiled without some manual refactoring.

Known issues:

  • Decompiler hangs on some large scripts, in particular combat-related

Comparison between version 0.1 and version 0.2 of the decompiler:



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