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Could use a little guidance.

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I'm currently playing through Nar Shaddaa. Made my way down to the refuge sector and picked up all the LS quests from the hobos. One of them was to rescue some broad's daughter named Adara.

I then proceed to head up to the exchange, and slaughter all the orcs guarding her.  So I open the door, and not only is she obnoxious but her hair is way out of whack.

Well I've seen a lot of posts asking for help, and everyone always wants a mod list so...


The Mods_____________


1.TSLRCM v186   (DeadlyStream)
3.M478EP v151 (DeadlyStream)
4.M478EP Fixes v1.0.1 (DeadlyStream)
5.M4-78 Movies Remade V3 (DeadlyStream)
6.KotOR 2 Community Patch v1.5 (DeadlyStream)
7.MarauderFixPack_v1.0.5 (DeadlyStream)
8.JC's Minor Fixes for K2 v1.5 (DeadlyStream)
9.JC's Merchant Inventory Fix for K2 v1.1 (DeadlyStream)
10.JC's Player Soundset Restoration for K2 v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
11.JC's Supermodel Fix for K2 v1.6 (DeadlyStream)
12.K2 Improved Gameplay v2.5 (DeadlyStream)
13.Hide Weapons in Animations v2.0 (NexusMods)
14.Bao Dur Shied Dialogue Restoration v1.1 (DeadlyStream)
15.Bao Dur & Force Fields v1.0.0 (DeadlyStream)
16.Extended Carth Meeting v1.2  (DeadlyStream)
17.Dustil-Restoration-v1.1 (DeadlyStream)
18.Kill The Ithorian v1.1 (DeadlyStream)
19:Power Cost Correction (DeadlyStream)
20:Mining Laser Consistency Fix v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
21:Side Opening Doors on Malachor (DeadlyStream)
22:TSL Ebon Hawk Downloadable Map v1.2.1 (DeadlyStream)
23:Realistic Visual Effects (DeadlyStream)
24:TSL ASPYR+Steam_Fog Shader Patch v1.0 (Reddit)
26:Kinrath Egg Bash Crystal Drop V0.9 (DeadlyStream)
27:Widescreen UI Fix for Knights of the Old Republic 2_v4.1_Steam (DeadlyStream)
28:Thematic Sith Lords v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
29:Full Jedi Council 2.0 (DeadlyStream)
30:HQ Music Update Patch 1.0 (DeadlyStream)
31:KotOR 2 Remastered (AI Upscaled) Cutscenes v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
32:Extended Korriban Arrival 1.2 (DeadlyStream)
33:Extended Enclave (TSLRCM add-on) 2.5.1 (DeadlyStream)
34:Improved AI 2.2 (And Patch) (DeadlyStream)
35:Party Tweaker TSL 1.2 (DeadlyStream)
36:TSL Main Menu Model Fix for Widescreen 1.2 (DeadlyStream)
37:Droid Energized Armor Balance Fix 1.0 (DeadlyStream)
38:Sith Holocron - Replacement Loading Screens for KotOR2_All Parts (DeadlyStream)
39:Kreia's Fall HD cutscene 1.2 (DeadlyStream)
40:AI Upscaled PC And Party Portraits v1.0 (NexusMods)
41:AI Upscaled Icon Overhaul v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
42:Fixed Hologram Models & Admiralty Redux for TSLRCM 1.61+Patch (DeadlyStream)
43:Sith Assassins - With Lightsabers (DeadlyStream)
44:Peragus Sith Troops To Sith Assassins 1.0 (DeadlyStream)
45:Nihilus/Visas scene VO tweak (DeadlyStream)
46:Robe Description Fixes 1.0.1 (DeadlyStream)
47:Bavakar Implant Fix K2 1.0 (DeadlyStream)
48:Missing Door - Jekk Jekk Tarr Tunnels 1.0 (DeadlyStream)


49:Ultimate Dantooine High Resolution+Patch - TPC (NexusMods)
50:Ultimate Dxun High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods)
51:Ultimate High Resolution Texture Pack - TPC (NexusMods)
52:Ultimate Korriban High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods)
53:Ultimate Malachor V High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods)
54:Ultimate Nar Shaddaa High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods)
55:Ultimate Onderon High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods)
56:TSL Backdrop Improvements v1.4 (DeadlyStream)
57:Khoonda flag fix v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
58:TSL HD Cockpit Skyboxes v3.1 HI-RES_TPC (DeadlyStream)
59:Sith Holocron-TSL Animated Galaxy Map Texture in Canon Positions v1.1 (DeadlyStream)
60:M4-78 New Building Texture v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
61:New Texture of Holocrons in the Telos Secret Academy v1.2 (DeadlyStream)
62:Czerka Sign and Desk Enhancement v1.2 (DeadlyStream)
63:New Sith Academy Holocron v1.0 (NexusMods)
64:[TSL] Animated Computer Panel v2.0 (DeadlyStream)
66:Ebon Hawk HD - 4X Upscaled Texture v1.0 (NexusMods)
67:Replacement Peragus II Artwork by Trench v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
68:Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors (not including Galaxy Map) v1.1 (DeadlyStream)
69:High Quality Skyboxes II v2.1 (DeadlyStream)
70:HD Skybox for M4-78 v1.1 (NexusMods)
71:Improved Peragus Asteroid Fields 1.2 (DeadlyStream)
72:Maps HD+Patch v1.0 (NexusMods)
73:Replacement Texture for Lightning on Malachor V1.2 (DeadlyStream)
74:Daemon's Ebon Hawk Re-Skin (Steam) v1.0 (Had to delete LEH_brwall03.tga & LEH_floor05.tga, plus some panel files) (NexusMods)
75:Droid Testing Console Texture Upgrade v1.2 (DeadlyStream)
76:Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
77:[TSL] Swoop Monitors Replacement Pack v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
78:The IceEclipse Power Textures v1.03 (NexusMods)

Character Overhauls

79:Re-scaled Trandoshans v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
80:TSL Better Male Twi'lek Heads v1.3.1 (DeadlyStream)
81:Visually Repair HK-47 v1.0.1 (DeadlyStream)
82:TSL Jedi Malak Mouth Fix v1.1 (DeadlyStream)
83:PFHC06 Fix 1.0 (DeadlyStream)
84:JC's Handmaiden Sisters v2.0 (DeadlyStream)
85:Maintenance Officer Realistic Reskin v1.1 (DeadlyStream)
86:TSL Mira Unpoofed v1.0.2 (DeadlyStream)
87:Luxa Hair Fix (DeadlyStream)
88:TSL Head Model Fixes (DeadlyStream)
89:Visas Marr's Robe fix v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
90:Player & Party Underwear v2.0 (DeadlyStream)
91:TSL Thigh-High Boots For Female Twi'lek Body v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
92:PHMC06 Beard and new Dark side Transition v1.0 (DeadlyStream)
93:Better Male Bodies (GameFront)
94:Ultimate Character Overhaul -REDUX- v2.0+Patches
95:Fallen Mandalorians - HD Upscaled Textures V1.0 (NexusMods)
96:Expanded lore friendly Mandalore's mask with matching armor and icons (upscaled high quality textures) v2.0 (DeadlyStream)

Appearance.2da? Mdl or Mdx? Heads.2da?  I've deleted them all at one point or another to no avail.

Any ideas at all would be appreciated.




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The model itself looks fine to me, so I'm guessing it might be the texture. Do any of those mods modify her hair texture?

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26 minutes ago, StellarExile said:

The model itself looks fine to me, so I'm guessing it might be the texture. Do any of those mods modify her hair texture?


94:Ultimate Character Overhaul -REDUX- v2.0+Patches.  Forgot to add that this mod came from NexusMods.  And I do believe the file in question is "N_childFH01.tga" or TPC depending.

But just so you know I have deleted this file and rebooted the game several times (Notta).

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Sigh,  finding more bugs the longer I play (Still on Nar Shaddaa).  I'm seriously contemplating wiping the slate clean with my backup vanilla install. These so called patches seem to create more problems than they solve.  I really just want to play through this game without glaring bugs everywhere.

Ebon Hawk Nar Shaddaa Problem.png

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Posted (edited)

Well I did a bit of reading and found a fix for the girl.

From the "KOTOR 2 UNLIMITED WORLD TEXTURE MOD" over at NexusMods.


For a big performance increase on that version open the kotor2.ini and add the line Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 under the graphics section. This will cause 4 graphical errors in the game that I am aware of (at least on AMD), but the performance is much better and you can set it to 0 in those areas. The errors are landing area on Korriban has a floating glitch, kidnapped littlegirl in Nar Shadaa has crazy hair/face. Bastilla same and some areas on Dantooine has a floating glitch over grass. These are not texture mod problems, they are old OpenGL problems. For AMD users turn off framebuffer effects or the light sources in the game will blind you."

So one down on the Nar Shaddaa map.

Edited by M'aiqTheLiar

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