KotOR 2 Looking for input on ranged weapon rebalance (google spreadsheet inside)

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So I've always hated the "useless" weapons like Blaster Carbines and non upgradeable weapons that cost a fortune. They make no sense! You should never ever use a Blaster Carbine over a Blaster Rifle so why is it in the game? Non upgradeable weapons are quickly outshined by a simple Blaster Rifle with decent upgrades. I'm gonna try to shake things up for damage and economy for ranged weapons.

What this attempts to do is:

- make ALL Upgradeable Ranged Weapons cost go up substantially (since they become beasts with upgrades) while keeping their stats mostly unchanged.

- make ALL Non upgradeable cost be lower than upgradeable weapons but damage be a good bit higher in base form.

This is an attempt to make the player somewhat rely on the buffed and (mostly) cheaper Non upgradeable weapons early on and make the Fully Upgradeable weapons a more expensive purchase since in the long run they will be much better than the non upgradeables even though they've been buffed.

Note: Tier 1 weapons that used to cost like 35, 50, 100 etc are not cheaper lol they are made more expensive while INSANLEY high priced weapons are discounted for the most part

let me know what you all think, suggest any changes or ideas to prices, damage and what not you think would work better. I'm deff down for economy suggestions.

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Just noticed that some weapons when I change their cost and save the uti it reverts back to vanilla price. Are you unable to change an items cost? That would kinda torpedo this idea

EDIT2: Nevermind figured out how to make prices stick.

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...or just open the baseitems.2da file and change the weapon damages? Make blaster carbines more competitive? I did that for K1 in my ongoing beta of a rebalance mod, I haven't yet gotten around to modding K2, but if it's anything like K1, I expect I can do something similar.

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