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K2 Ported Heads Shop of Horrors - Help!

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As part of my project of porting heads from K2 to K1, I have now stumbled upon a recurring problem that I had only encountered once before with Atton whose head model I've never been able to get to work right in K1. The issue is of course the problem with the mouths of certain models forming these horrific shapes. I know it's probably because at least some K2 models have more bones than K1 models, and that this creates porting issues between the games. I haven't had this problem with most models but I think it's because I was focusing on a lot of NPCs and they perhaps are less complex. But last night I decided to raid the PCs again and the Atton horror I'd encountered before haunts them now too.

(Actually BM6 has a different issue. His mouth doesn't open much, but his face warps a lot in disturbing ways when speaking.)





With the Atton model, I'd given up on that a month or two ago as it didn't seem to matter if I ported it myself or if I used one already shared. The problem remained the same in either case.

I read here that there is a process one must go through in order to fix this problem in which the character's mouth becomes a portal to a hell dimension, however I don't understand what the process is and haven't been able to find more information as yet. I was wondering if anyone knows what to do?

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6 hours ago, DarthParametric said:

You need to switch them to the K1 rig. There are subtle differences between the rigs of the two games, which causes the facial problems.

I'm assuming this is different than the process of opening it MDLedit, setting to K1 and converting to ASCII in same folder with its corresponding K1 supermodel (S_Female02 for all of these), and then saving as binary again?

(Unless maybe I don't have enough K1 supermodels in the folder I do the saves in. I only have S_Female02 and S_Female03 in there as almost every model has one of those for the supermodel.)

I am really ignorant on this topic and don't understand what "rig" means.


ETA:  My current guess is it's in the neighborhood of this process:

One would perhaps import S_Female02 (ascii) into gmax and then import the head model in and somehow match the head model up with S_Female02, then delete S_Female02 and export as replacement supermodel (with new name that can be assigned to the head's model in the supermodel field). Or... something like that.

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