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[Request] Android K1 Save Editing

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Hi everyone!

Being stuck on lockdown in India and having nothing but smartphone with me i decided to play KotOR 1 again. i played it once when it was released. this time i went Dark Side, as my first playthrough have been Light Side. long story short i made decisions with my character build i am regretting. i am on the last planet before hidden world, so i don't want to restart the game just to respec. i wonder if anyone here could do me a favor and edit my current save? considering the circumstances it wont be easy for me at the moment as i have to download pc version of kotor (2 days with local internet), then i need to borrow someone's laptop, install the game, kse, etc.

things i'd like to change:


shock -> fear
force lightning -> death field


dueling points -> two-weapon fighting (2 points)

third level implant -> third level two-weapon fighting (1 point)

please note that i don't want any *cheating* changes, merely relocate feats/forces points to another places.

thank you!:)


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I'd gladly do it, but I can't open your save file. Haven't edited a save file from the android app before, but did you extract your save file as it's explained here?

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