[K1] Movement Bug Help Requested

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Hi guys. I was able to get game to run in fullscreen (finally) using UniWS, but now I am experiencing the combat movement bug. I have used Nvidia Inspector and set frame limit to 72fps, like I did with Kotor 2, but no luck. I am playing on a laptop and it's refresh rate is 144hz or whatever. Is there anything I can do? Help appreciated  :)

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I tried capping to 60fps with Nvidia Inspector, didn't work. I even tried capping to 72 like in Kotor 2. I also tried capping to 59.  If I lower refresh rate in kotor ini to 60, it puts game in a small window, but I don't think it has the movement bug. Thing is, if I go fullscreen and put 144 as refresh rate in kotor ini, the bug is present. Not sure what else to do/try...

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