[v4 - 19/12/19] Odyssey Toolset

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This is a little something that I'll be working on over the upcoming months. A cross-platform modding tool designed to create and modify the various file types used by KotOR's engine. A new KotOR Tool if you will. This is in very early stages so don't expect much and anticipate crashes and bugs - so save regularly! The file size is fairly large as well due to it including needed libraries inside the executable. I do intend to make this open source at some point in the future, but not for the time being. I'm testing this in Ubuntu, so I'm unsure of how stable the Mac and Window versions are so testers are appreciated. I welcome any feedback and suggestions. :)

Whats currently implemented in v3:

  • GFF Editor
  • 2DA Editor
  • TLK Editor
  • ERF/RIM Editor
  • TPC Viewer
  • MDL Viewer
  • Audio Player
  • Saving files directly into modules
  • Opening and extracting files from the game's data
  • Search filter on files from the game's data
  • Any number of game directories are loadable at one time
  • Choose between different themes (System/Light/Dark)



Whats new in v2 (6/12/2019):

  • Drag and drop to open files
  • "Save" option for files
  • "Save To Module" option for files
  • "Save To Override" option for files
  • 2DA Editor: cell editing
  • TLK Editor: set language, edit sound resrefs and strings
  • ERF Editor: import, export and open files

Whats new in v3 (13/12/2019):

  • Image Viewer that can both save and load TPC/TGA/PNG/BMP/JPG files. Saving as tga will export a .txi file with it as well
  • You can now have multiple installations of the same game with different directories. You can swap between the installations through a combo box on the main screen
  • ResRef filter on the resource tree view now works
  • Toggle between single/multiple/extended selection in the tree view
  • Textures inside the TexturePacks folder are now stored in their own separate tree node

Whats new in v4 (19/12/2019):

  • New tree node that lists all the files in StreamMusic
  • A audio player that supports the WAV files found in the game
  • Prototype 3D Model Viewer. Currently very basic, will load meshes but no animations and camera controls as of yet.
  • Select the toolset theme with choices between the system default, light and dark.


Download Links:

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Wow! Impressive progress on this one! Glad that I followed the thread [so that I can track this down], knowing that you don't/won't bother to update it with separate post for each of these updates. I haven't actually downloads any of these builds, but I'll try one later tonight. It looks very promising indeed! :cheers:

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So its been a few months since posted an update on this. Just letting people know I am still working on this. Back in January I started to rewrite this from scratch, currently there is still functionality missing from the older versions that need to be re-implemented. However that said, I've completed editors for all the .ut* file types, but some other things like a dialog editor still need to be made. I've also done some changes to the UI. I'm going to postpone pushing out updates until I have editors/viewers for all the file types which hopefully will be a few months tops.



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