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Cutscenes Bug

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Thanks for your hard work on this. I've been waiting 15 years for this so I'm so happy to finally play it. I remember when the project was announced I was checking it day by day. The joys of a 16 year old Star Wars geek haha.

I'm having some issues though, some of the movies in the game will not play. For example, when I load the game it doesn't show me the introduction and I have to Alt Tab out of it and back in and then it's on the start screen.

Also at one point, when I got onto the Ravager during Peragus, the dialogue was sped up/skipped so I didn't have a chance to listen to or read what was going on. That's only happened the once though but I've only just finished Peragus. I'm trying to fix the cut scenes and see if I'll have to start the game from scratch. I'm using the TSLRCM and M4 joint mod. Can anyone help please?

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