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MOD:Better Genoharadan Items

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Better Genoharadan Items

Knights of the Old Republic 1 suffers from an issue where unique items and equipment don't really stack up when compared to generic variants in their class. A waste for items that tend to have unique appearances and icons. The items given by Hulas for the assassinations are a perfect example.

The Genoharadan items have been upgraded and kept reasonably balanced. But make no mistake, they are some of the best equipment in the game - as they should be. Also, all instances of "GenoHaradan" have been changed to "Genoharadan" and the datapad given to contact Hulas is now called "Shady Datapad."

If you use the "High Quality Blasters" mod by Sithspecter (and why wouldn't you be) then only use the "geno_blaster.uti" file inside the "High Quality Blasters" folder. Otherwise the Genoharadan Blaster will not appear with its unique appearance.

Credits: Kotor Tool by Fred Tetra

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