Star Wars The Sith Lords - Meetra Surik's Saves

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I am playing through Star Wars - KOTOR II and would like to attempt to have a save after the end of every planet.

PLEASE READ THE FILE "Exact KOTOR II installation guide" AS IT CONTAINS ALL MODS USED, AND IN WHAT ORDER: Exact KOTOR II installation guide.txt

I just went through the Headache of writing down the most important KOTOR I and KOTOR II events in order, to understand the flow of the story better: Before Kotor I & II timeline.rtf

At the start of the Game these are the character's information:

Meetra Surik - Guardian - str14, dex10, con14, int14, wis14, cha12
Computer Use 0, Demolitions 3, Stealth 1, Awareness 1, Persuade 4, Repair 0, Security 1, Treat Injury 0, Class Skill Computer Use


ALL SAVES ARE LOCATED HERE (because there is not enough upload space on this website):!CqgUkYwa!mH_CwZV5uPsuRA0-1s-_DQ

Save 1: Beginning: After having boarded the Harbinger, Meetra Surik has become unconscious and has now re-awoken in an unknown facility. Meetra must find out where she is...



Save 2: Peragus complete: After having succeeded in outmaneuvering malfunctioning droids, operational mine security lockdown procedures, the attacks of stealth field generator conceiled sith infiltrators, the three humans are about to enter the Ebon Hawk and leave the Mining Facility or Peragus forever.



Save 3: Telos complete: Suggestion: Quick detour to Dantooine: Get 2 HK Parts (Sullustan Merchant and from 3 HK-50s) and have HK-47; Get Visas and get the Disciple and gain influence with everyone.



Save 4: Crew of the Ebon Hawk: Now, that all of the current members have gotten to know each other, and are one group of HK-50 droids away from locating their factory, the crew of the Ebon Hawk may soon be on their way to the planet Nar Shaddaa, which is located in Hutt controlled Space.



Save 5: Nar Shaddaa complete: Now, that all Force-sensitive Crew Members, have agreed to become Jedi, GOTO's secret has been revealed and the HK-50 factory has been located, the Ebon Hawk will soon depart to Dantooine.



Save 6: Dantooine complete: HK-47 still does not trust Meetra enough to reveal how he was able to kill Jedi. The crew of the Ebon Hawk sets course for Korriban.



Save 7: Korriban complete: There is a cave on Korriban, which cannot be accessed yet. Speak with T3-M4 to locate the planet M4-78 from Kaah's broken Datapad.



Save 8: M4-78 complete: M4-78 is prepared to provide a droid army for the Republic, as well as Fuel for Telos Orbital Station (thereby freeing it from the influences of the Hutts) and Kolto for the Telos Restoration Project. As such the Crew of the Ebon Hawk can briefly go to Telos IV, to inform Lieutenant Grenn and the Ithorians (who have nothing to say :(). Afterwards the crew intends to travel to Onderon, but will be stuck on its' moon Dxun for a brief period of time...



Save 9: Dxun complete: HK-47 has finally revealed how he killed Jedi. Talk to Mandalore the Preserver to finally travel with him and another Party Member to Onderon...



Save 10: Onderon Part I: Connection has been established with Master Kavar. He immediately sent a message after Meetra's departure, urging her to return to Iziz. 3 Powerful and Intelligent Members of the Ebon Hawk must be chosen to venture through an Ancient Sith Temple on Dxun.



Save 11: The End Begins: Onderon has Queen Thalia as its' new Leader,  The Mandalorians of Nar Shadaa and Dantooine have been brought to Dxun and the Rodian Merchant Geeda has established all her trade routes. Meetra has become powerful enough to enter the Cave on Korriban to receive Visions of the Past and the Future. After seeing the visions within the cave...she still has a Pacifist Package, which she could Install into HK-47.

Soon Meetra must meet with the Jedi Masters on Dantooine...

Confront Atris...

Hk-47 must infiltrate the HK-50 factory...

Witness the cooperation between Mandalorians, TSF Personnel, M4-78 combat droids, Onderonian Military and the Khonda Defense Force against the armies of the Sith...

Meet the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Nihilus...

And finally make your way to the Trayus Core on the graveyard world of Malachor V, where everything began and everything shall end... 



Save 12: Trayus Core: Meetra Surik is about to face Darth Traya.


Group Foto:



All Swoop racing doesn't work: The race begins, you click to turn on the engine...but the game turns the engine on and jumps at the same time and leaves you floating. Meaning you can't interact with any speed boost platform, making you too slow to win.

Kaah's hologram on Korriban has the head from the 'Better Male Twi'lek Heads 1.3.1' mod, instead of the 'Fixed Hologram Models and Admiralty Redux 1.61' mod, meaning he is a Hologram with a floating Twi'lek head! But it is only occurs for one scene on Korriban. Everything else, Twi'lek head and hologram related works fine, we're all fine here...thank are you?

Do not talk to the Black Market droid on M4-78, as the game just crashes because of that...It appears to be something about a sound file (?), I'll look into it later... and provide a fix or a file to delete or something of the kind.

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