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[K1] Query: Has Anyone Done A Force Enlightenment Mod Before?

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Hi all,

I burnt a few hours scripting, playing with TSLPatchers and poking around the spells.2da files yesterday and completed a working force enlightenment mod for K1, where force speed, armor, valor, and energy resistance are instantly activated, (with some other bonuses/flairs). It is a selectable power for a Lvl 16 Jedi.

I'm considering uploading the mod here to the download section, but before I work on readme.txt, info.rtf, and add the amendments listed below, I wonder whether this mod has been done before? I did some quick google search, search on this site and game front and could not find a relevant mod, but just to be on the safe side I think I should ask here before furthering my work and submitting here.

Current Progress:

  1. Scripting - Done
  2. Force power title and description, append to dialog.tlk - Done
  3. Force power icon (enlightenment tga file obtained from TSL) - Done
  4. Editing spells.2da - Done
  5. Working TSLPatcher - Done
  6. Preliminary testing on old saves:
    1. Activated buffs time out as expected - Pass
    2. Repeated buffing doesn't stack - Pass
    3. Attribute, Save,  Defense Stats are boosted to proper values - Pass
    4. Energy resistance value and whether it stacks on repeated activation - Not Done Yet

Amendments to be added:

  • Make the power to be selectable only for the main character (otherwise it definitely breaks the power balance of the game).
  • Possibly remove energy resistance buff from the list of insta-activation because that's a little much?
  • Adding flair and bonuses (e.g. master speed applies to all party members) to the force power description.
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It's a cool idea! I've never heard of a Force Enlightenment for K1 so you're all good :D


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