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Question regarding version of TSLRCM and M4-78EP

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Hello everyone,

I have posted this same post under the TSL Restored content mod Support page because I did not know about this place so I am sorry if this is considered double posting :)

First of great mod really nice work indeed. Just recently picked up Kotor 2 on GoG again and it sure brings back memories from way back when  :3
Anyways enough of my nostalgia xD

I have a couple if questions if thats okay:

First I downloaded  the restored content  mod from Deadly Stream and the file is called "tslrcm185_creditless.exe" and its ~61 MB in size and was last updated in August 8  2017.
If I check on the Moddb page the file size is ~124 MB, was last updated  on June 14 2016 and  is simply called "TSLRCM_185.exe"
And  the steam workshop version was last updated on  June 13 2016 with a file size of about  ~325 MB.

I guess the workshop version is already decompiled so thats why its that much bigger. But whats the difference between the Moddb and Deadly Stream version which is half in file size aswell as updated in 2017 ? And this may be a stupid question but why is it called "creditless"

Also a  thing about  M4-78EP on Deadly Stream its version  1.5  on Moddb its 1.2 and on the steam workshop its 1.3 in combination with the restored content  mod version 1.8.5. I guess the newest version needs to be uploaded on steam yet but did the Moddb one get dropped ?

For now I used the tslrcm185_creditless in combination with M4-78EP from just wanted to ask out of curiosity :)

And secondly does this mod which lets bodies stay: cause a conflict for the newest version of tslrcm or  M4-78EP ?

I know thats an anoyying question 😁 just wanted to ask before it breaks my game xD


Anyways thanks again for this awesome mod for this awesome game :D

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No idea on the mod, but here's a rundown of versions;

TSLRCM and Moddb 1.8.5 should be the same. As you say, the workshop isn't compressed though. Deadlystream's 'new' version has a different credit-movie with different music since some people here thought the KOTOR1 song in the movie imposed on the "porting" rule (that is now overruled anyway).

As for M4-78EP 1.5 and 1.3 are the latest version. Moddb is 1.2 since 1.3 never got an installer (Zbyl went straight to 1.5). As there's been a bunch of issues reported with 1.5 though (and I have yet to test it myself and probably want to combine 1.3 and 1.5 together... sooooooomeday. Disney Star Wars is demotivating) Steam's still 1.3. Bit of a mess, sorry.

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