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[HELP NEEDED!] TSL Twin Suns outfit made as wearable / equippable armor / robe for female PC's from both K1 and K2

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Could someone please help me locate and extract the Twin Suns clothes model from K2, in order for me to make it into a wearable / equippable armor / robe model for all female PC's, both for K2 and ported to work with K1?


Here is what this mod would imply:

- Locating and extracting the Twin Sun's clothes model from K2 (i looked for it in the NPC models files with KotorTool with no success, unable to locate the specific file! 😔 )

- Converting the model into a wearable armor / robe for all female PC's aboard the Ebon Hawk. It could be called Dancer Outfit 2, Disco Outfit, etc. There would be a K1 version of them amd a K2 version.

- Placing them (4-5 outfits, to fit all female PC's in the crew) into the game (both K1 amd K2), in a container, etc. in order to make them availlable to the player from the beggining of the game, preferably in one of the Containers in the Ebon Hawk!

Imagine how cool your female Revan / Exile and Mira, Bastila, Mission or an unhooded Handmaiden would look dressed like that! 😏

Many thanks in advance for who can help me with this, i tried with no success to do it myself so far...


As reference, this is what the Twin Suns look like. I would prefer the outfit of the one on the right:



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I found this old, abandoned mod, the only remaining copy of it is here:

This is basically sort of what i was looking for for my female Exile, but i also want the outfits to be availlable to party members, like Mira!

Looks like somebody actually managed to find and extract the Twin Suns outfit files and edit them a long time ago.

I took a look at it and the files within and i can't figure out how to edit them to make them into universally equipable clothes...


Could someone please be kind enough to take a look at the mod files, then give me some instructions on how i could make them into wearable clothes that both my character as well as the party members could equip?

Then i would need to find a way to place 4 of the outfits into a Plasteel Cylinder aboard the Ebon Hawk (one for the female Exile, and 3 for Mira, Handmaiden and Visas) so they could be accesible from the beggining of the game.


Thank You very much in advance to anyone who could lend a helping hand!

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