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Which Lucasarts Battlefront do you prefer?

Favorite Lucasarts Battlefront game?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Lucasarts Battlefront game

    • Battlefront 2004
    • Battlefront 2 2005

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So the original 2004 Battlefront finally got released on Steam a few weeks ago. And I have to ask you fellow forum users- which was your favorite old Battlefront? 

While the 2005 Battlefront 2 seems to be regarded as the best game in the series by the fans because of heroes mode, space battles and more planets like the Episode III planets, I actually am a little more fond of the original 2004 game. I was introduced to that game at a friend's house in junior high. Both he and I would play LAN games over many of the maps.  We were always fond of the big maps with the vehicles, as those maps were usually bigger and had more room for flying and zipping around the battlefield. 

And there were other little quirks that I liked about this game. The colors were more vibrant and less washed out than Battlefront 2's palette of muted KOTOR 2 -like colors. There were pilot classes on the ground, which I liked as I grew up with the Rogue Squadron novels, comics, and games. (Sadly, the pilot classes were replaced by the engineer class on the ground maps in the next game Which makes sense, but still...). Places that we only saw glimpses of in the movies were expanded on, like Cloud city, the Dune sea, and Endor. Even places we hadn't seen in the movies like Kashyyk (at the time) or Rhen Var were given good treatment and design. You could even go prone, which helped as a sniper class. Heck, as a fan of the R-series droids, I liked the little red and white R4 units that sat around the battlefield ready to fix vehicles. 

Of course, there were aggravating parts in the game, like droidiekas that took ridiculous amounts of damage with their shields. Dark troopers and jet troopers could jump around the battlefield at will. Sniper NPCS would camp and pick people off if you dallied about too long. And certain map points were prone to bottlenecking enemies into your scope. (Cough, cough, the connecting bridge on the Bespin platforms.).

So go ahead and vote. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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