Alternative endings in 1.5? (spoilers)

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Browsing through dialogue files, I discovered that there is, or at least was, a way to trigger alternative endings to the planet's main plot line. Specifically:



Currently, if the player talks to Master Vash and lets her go, either the Sith assassins kill her (and possibly Kaah, if the player has not already killed him), or she survives and departs to Dantooine (but only if the 3 other masters have been killed). The player can then take the colonist role and and either instruct M4-78 to help ES-05 rebuild the Environmental Zone droids, or carry on the current task of building a droid army.

However, there also seem to be variant endings where, after talking to Vash and letting her go, M4-78 kills Vash with an electrical blast instead. Then there is a confrontation between M4-78 and ES-05, and (depending on whether the player killed Kaah earlier) either M4-78 memory-wipes ES-05 and offers a colonist role to the player; or Kaah barges in, memory-wipes M4-78 (saving ES-05) and leaves the planet in the shuttle you see in Environmental Zone. It seems there was also supposed to be a way to pick up Kaah into the player's party in this scenario.


But I can't think of any way to trigger the latter variants of the ending in version 1.5.1. Have these been cut, never implemented, or have I just missed something?

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Dunno about 1.5 but the second is the 1.3 version. Of course Kaah never really makes it out :).

There's also a little 'easter egg' ending you didn't mention in there since 1.0. Though again I can't say if 1.5 kept it intact at this moment.

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