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Can't Progress on M4-78 (PLEASE HELP)

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Basically I'm on M4-78 and I've managed to get to the part where I have to find a ''Droid Memory Core'' from 1 of the many Cleaning Droids around the area. 

Once I find it I take it back to IS-43 who tells me to take it to a Maintenance Droid to identify it

Now I figured out that the said Maintenance Droid is on the Central Zone, however every time I try to interact with him he just says ''I Don't Have it...'' no matter how many times I click him, even if I leave the area via load screen and come back to him.

I also noticed that in my Journal that some of my mission entries are missing text, in fact it's all the missions that I've managed to get from around the planet.

I'm playing the game on Steam and have downloaded the following Mod from the Workshop; TSLRCM (English) + M4-78EP (English) (

I had also downloaded this Mod; Love Between Brianna and the Exile ( However I deleted this mod after I believed it was interfering with the M4-78 Enhancement Project as I couldn't find M4-78 on the Galaxy Map after speaking to T3-M4 about Master Vash and her Apprentice.

Sorry for the kinda long post but I would greatly appreciate any help or fix for my situation.


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Did you install the Love Between Brianna and the Exile into the Workshop override? If not that may be your problem, in my opinion, however, I suspect that mod is incompatible with TSLRCM so if you did try to reinstall everything don't use that mod. If you want to play it safe just use the TSLRCM/M4-78 on the workshop only though if you want to use more mods you might want to use the installer version.


Some more details on that here-

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