How to get to the droid world in M4-78EP

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[This thread was created as a reference for new players who are experiencing problems reaching M4-78. If you have successfully made it to M4-78 without any problems you do not have to read this thread. In the future should information change such as new versions being released myself (N-DReW25) or a Deadly Stream Staff Member will update this thread and keep it up to date. Should information in this thread be incorrect myself or a Deadly Stream Staff Member will update the thread. If users create threads asking for assistance on how to get to M4-78 but haven't read this thread users are allowed to direct them to this thread]


Warning: This is a walkthrough/explanation on how to get to the droid planet M4-78 in the M4-78 Enhancement Project. This thread will contain light spoilers on how to get to the planet itself though it will contain no spoilers of the actual planet itself.


In order to get to M4-78, you will require two mods: The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod 1.8.5 (TSLRCM 1.8.5) and the M4-78 Enhancement Project (M4-78EP).


Note: On the Steam Workshop M4-78EP has its own unique version called 1.3 while the Deadly Stream/Moddb version is 1.2. This may attract you to use the 1.3 version from Steam but I highly recommend against this as the Stean Workshop uses a basic and ineffective installing method which can cause incompatibilities which can break your game. I'd recommend you install mods the good old fashion way, download TSLRCM 1.8.5 from either Deadly Stream or Moddb and install that mod before any other mod first via the exe. Once you've done that, download and install M4-78EP 1.2 from either DS or Moddb via the exe as well. Both mods from DS and Moddb are safe and do not contain viruses, should your virus detector detect a virus that is probably due to the software detecting the exe format as strange and labelling it unsafe. Do not download TSLRCM or M4-78EP from a different source which isn't DS or Moddb as it isn't from the official websites and will most likely be some sort of virus/scam.


For a better representation of the installation please watch this video on how to install both TSLRCM and M4-78EP. Please take not the version in this video is 1.8.3 and 1.1 though the installation method will be the same as 1.8.5 and 1.2. It also makes no mention of the Workshop as the Workshop did not exist at the time the video was made though that doesn't matter.


Steam Installation:

Retail Version/GoG Version:

TSLRCM is available in:






TSLRCM should be set to the language of your Kotor 2 for example: I own the English version of K2 thus I use the English TSLRCM, if you use the German version you'll use the German TSLRCM. TSLRCM will not work if the language is not the same as your K2, for example, the French TSLRCM won't work with the Spanish TSLRCM and vice versa. M4-78EP is exclusively for the English version meaning English K2 and English TSLRCM are required for it to work. If English is not a language you are fluent in this mod is not for you. If you've installed M4-78EP on a non-english game it will cause problems and you'll have to reinstall K2 and reinstall TSLRCM without M4-78EP.


Once you've installed both mods launch K2 and play. Should you experience crashes before finish Peragus and Telos chances are M4-78EP is not responsible for your crashes and it is either incompatibility with another mod or your PC does not meet the requirements to run K2 and thus your PC cannot run K2 properly (To be sure of this you might want to start a thread here on DS and ask if your system specs can run K2, most likely Laptops are suspects for not being able to run K2).


Once you've finished Telos and are on the Ebon Hawk you'll notice M4-78 is not on the Galaxy Map. Do not worry, this doesn't mean it doesn't exist. M4-78 works similar to Dxun, it doesn't appear on the Galaxy Map immediately. To get M4-78 on the map you need to travel to Korriban, inside the Sith Academy you'd find Master Vash dead in a cage in Vanilla and TSLRCM though with M4-78EP only a little bag will be inside the cage. Should you still find Vash inside the cage something terribly wrong has happened and you should make a thread about it (Make sure you list ALL of the mods you've installed so we can determine the incompatible mod).


Inside this bag should be a Datapad which can be used on the nearby Terminal to start up a recorded Hologram conversation between Vash and her padawan Kaah. You'll find out that a group of Sith fled to the planet M4-78 and that Kaah deleted the Coordinates from the Datapad, once the Hologram conversation has finished you will be presented with the option to leave the Academy. As both Vash and Kaah have left for M4-78 you now need to go to M4-78 and find Vash though if you remember Kaah deleted the Coordinates meaning should you go back to the Ebon Hawk M4-78 won't be on the Galaxy Map. What you need to do is talk to T3-M4 where a new dialogue option will appear asking if he can restore the Coordinates. Once T3 restores the Coordinates M4-78 will appear on the Galaxy Map.


If it doesn't appear my only guess you've installed another planet mod "Coruscant - Jedi Temple". This mod can break the Galaxy Map making M4-78 unavailable, however, there is a patch to fix that- https://deadlystream.com/files/file/394-coruscant-jedi-temple-compatibility/

If you haven't installed that mod yet still haven't got the option to visit M4-78 make sure you have spoken to T3-M4 correctly. If you can't get M4-78 to appear on the Galaxy Map you can create a thread here on DS asking for assistance though you MUST list ALL of the mods you've used so we can determine your incompatibility.


You could use the Kotor 2 Cheat system to "teleport" to the M4-78 landing pad which will allow you to play M4-78. Search up "How to enable Kotor 2 Cheats" and the answer should pop up. Once you've enabled cheats type "warp 801dro" into the cheat console and it should load the Landing Pad. In K2 the cheat console is invisible unlike the cheat console in K1 so if it doesn't load the Landing Pad the first time keep trying as it might be a typo. Do not try to warp to other modules that are not "801dro" as you can potentially break your game doing that.

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