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[Help Request] 208TEL.mod - I may have screwed myself (NPC Overhaul)

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Okay, so I know the problem Is with the NPC Overhaul Mod. It has to do with Nahata, an enemy whose appearance is changed, but is glitched. They appear as friendly, invisible, and attackable. Interacting with them crashes the game, and when a party member successfully kills them, it crashes the game.


If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them. Or ways to go about enacting a solution to ideas 7 through 10?



Recorded Solution: Replace 208TEL.mod with the backup from the TSLPatcher folder.

Problem: I deleted my TSLPatcher folder during a bought of cleanup.


Idea 1: Delete various combinations of the 20TEL.mod and associated rim files. Try to load.

Problem: No Change.


Idea 2: Move outside the zone, Repeat idea 1.

Problem: Deleting all files makes it impossible to enter the Bumani Exchange. Deleting only certain ones results in "No Change".


Idea 3: Backup install folder, Delete all .mod files. Reinstall TSLRCM on install folder to get a "fresh" 208TEL.mod. Insert that into the real install folder. "Just as good as the backup, or close enough!"

Problem: No Change.


Idea 4: Move outside the zone. Repeat idea 3... Delete all 208TEL RIM files for good measure.

Problem: No Change.


Idea 5: Revert back to a previous save, before entering the Bumani Exchange.

Problem: Despite 6 Save files...none of them are prior to entering..because I was messing around and doing things non-linearly. (Start smuggling quest, go kill receptionist for Atton influence, go back an finish smuggling quest for lightside points, Rob and murder a guy for Atton influence, go and save the dancer for lightside points.... Alright...let's go kill Slusk now that he is sufficiently confused why someone would just barge in, kill his receptionist and leave.)


Idea 6: Fresh installation of kOTOR 2... install TSLRCM and M4-78. Copy over a backed-up override and module folder (minus 208TEL.mod)

UNTESTED: Probably would not work if part of the issue is the location of my save game.


Idea 7: Kill / Unspawn / Delete / Turn Hostile / Pacify Nahata via the console or some other means.

UNTESTED: Unsure if its even possible.


Idea 8: Find and modify Nahata's appearance.2da. Maybe its crashing because it doesn't know how to handle the death animation.

UNTESTED: i'll need to figure out what row it is...even if its possible.


Idea 9: Put Away Kreia and Atton... Beat up everyone myself...just keep running from Nahata as much as AOE's

UNTESTED: Maybe it might work?


Idea 10: Go outside. Save. Edit my save to have the necessary flags, and just take the loss of XP and loot as penalty for my stupidity.

UNTESTED: Anyone know which flags?


Idea 11: Cry. And have to restart the game. Thus doing Peragus. Again.

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Hmm...  if that's the case, it makes me wonder if its a standard body, or some piece of armor he is wearing.


If its an error in the standard body, I should technically be able to look for a typo or flaw in one of the columns of appearance.2da, right?


If its an error in his armor.... that might be a lot tougher. I'd have to find the armor's appearance elsewhere and change it... assuming it has a matching entry.

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Well, I’d start checking the appearance and armor the character is using, and then seeing what’s in the slot in the appearance.2da. I once had some weird issues with an appearance row where body model was set as ”****”.

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