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Model and Textures question

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I was wondering if the paths to associated textures for a model are stored in the MDL file, and not in a 2da.


I installed some saber hilt replacement mods, but after scrounging the "Final Touch" mod for Handmaidens head model, I also noticed I liked their lightsabers more than the current replacement one i was using. (at least for some).


The issue is that while the "Lightsaber Replacement" mod swaps out everything I expect. (MDL, MDX, TGA, TXI). The lightsabers in "Final Touch" only swap out MDL and MDX, despite a different texture appearance. Now it also swaps out double lightsabers, and those have the full set of model and texture files. So it got me wondering if maybe he just references the same textures in his new model.


I've little to no experience with modelling, and have bashed my head against Blender and KOTOR Blender to find out, without much luck opening the MDLs, so I figured I'd just ask.

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Weapon textures are specified by the model. It's likely sharing a texture, as you suggest (common practice if you are making a double hilt that is basically just two single hilts joined together).


You'll have to decompile the binary model (MDL/MDX) into an ASCII version before you can load it in Blender. Use MDLEdit or MDLOps, available in the Downloads/Tools section.

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