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Hi, everyone! I'm new here so don't really expect me to know everything about porting/modding but I wanted to talk about this mod that was mentioned about a year ago. Someone posted a mod that had Darth Nihilus's full model working in the first Kotor game and I went ahead and tested it out myself. I mean I had a crash once but and the second attempt, it worked and I have to say his running/cape animation and lightsaber drawing animation works just as it did in Kotor 2.


His fighting animation however is something that needs to be discussed. Normal attacks when he fights an enemy works just well but what he lacks is his Flurry, Critical Strike and Power attack also his dodging animations when those same moves are used on him. His Flurry, Critical Strike, and Power animation/jumping when he is attacked with those same moves are just Malak's animations. And it has me wondering if anyone would ever think about fixing his animations? I mean it works fine but that's pretty much what is lacking. Forgive me as I am aware that this post has been made before but I wanted to give some clarification on what works and what doesn't.



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