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Seeking questions for the M4-78 Documentary (covering the M4-78 EP!)

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Zbyl2 recommended that I do this on the forums rather than on my blog . . . 
Are you familiar with the M4-78 documentary series that Xuul and I have done? If so, be aware that I'll eventually have to sit down and work on the next chapter. (Edit: The fourth chapter is now on the playlist .)
The next chapter that's coming to the playlist covers Darth Stoney's version of M4-78. That means the one I'll have to start writing after that is the M4-78 Enhancement Project. If you've played the EP and had any head-scratching moments, what better way is there to get those answers than by posing a question or two that I can present to the makers of the mod to have them answer and/or explain?
There's lots of material to cover here: the initial version, the 1.2 update, the 1.3 update that's exclusive to Steam (and I've never even played), and the 1.4 update still being worked on right now by zbyl2.
If you have questions about the past or current versions up to 1.3, would you please let me know by listing them below? I'll credit you in the video as long as it's a family friendly name. (You may also be un-credited, if you so desire.)
I would suggest holding off on questions about the future version, as I plan to split the M4-78 EP content into more than one part. I might even do a walk through video once the 1.4 material has been covered. (Apparently, I'm a masochist and my work is never done.)
To our viewers, thanks for your patience in our slow roll out of the content. Your enjoyment is why I do this.

N-DReW25 has already kicked it off with 10 questions which are listed below.

"Here we go again"- C-3PO
I'll assume you'll be asking these questions to Zybl2 right? If not, some of my questions may be redundant.
1) In M4-78 EP, who are hinted to be the real colonists? (I am well aware of the thread discussing this but perhaps your video could explain the behind the scenes of how and why the L'xing and whatever from HK-47's backstory became apart of the mod, you yourself apparently suggested to add this so perhaps you could explain why you wanted to add this in)
2) If Kaah never had VO in the original TSL files? Why did you decide to waste time giving him VO when he could of had a Twi'lek VO instead?
3) Why does Vash refer to M4-78's chamber as a "tomb"? (Show a clip of Vash saying "Thank you for saving me from this tomb?")
4) What were the motivations of M4-78 and ES-05 and what where the consequences of having her mind erased by M4-78 and M4-78 being reprogrammed by Kaah? I never really understood that
5) Could you give us more detail on the cut Sith survivor Saruv and the Selkath cameo and other early M4-78 ideas that never made it in?

6) Why did you guys decide to make a custom skybox instead of using the original one? (Shows an image of the original M4-78 skybox)
7) Did you guys notice the lag problem when you first were developing M4-78 and what was your reaction to it?

8) What do you guys think went really well and really bad in the final versions of M4-78?

9) On the new terminals in the industrial zone near IS-24's chamber, why are there English letters on them and not the Star Wars Aurabesh? And why do some of them have maps of the M4-78 modules exactly how they appear on the Mini-Map?

10) What happened to M4-78 after the events of TSL?

I hope you all participate if you can. Thank you.

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