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IDEA - Most versatile (and powerfull) double Light Saber for KotOR II

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Hello all of you!! (english is not my native language, so, from now on, forgive my errors :-) )


Long time ago I don't review this forums and I'm not sure if this is the right place for make a request for a MOD (well, it's not exactly a request, just an idea if any Modder is interested. It would be great!! -and I have not seen a MOD like that never).


I love the espectacularity of the double Light Saber in combat but, in my KotOR's gameplays, my choice is usually two single LS due the versatility of duplicate the components and the number of improvements (two sets of components of two single LS vs only one set of the double LS).


So, basically, the MOD would consist in the posibility of include in the double LS (apart the colour crystal) four components instead of only two, adding the features of  the four components at one, but double, saber. So we have the versatility of two single LS in one double LS. (Obviusly, the MOD should be compatible with TSLRCM).


That's all. Just an idea ;-)


Thanks in advance

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