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I've compiled xoreos-tools for armv7, and collected all the necessary libraries, and packaged them all into a .deb package for Termux (a really cool terminal for Android). You can install it in Termux (will not work on Debian or Ubuntu) by running

wget https://gitlab.com/PorygonZRocks/xoreos-tools-termux/raw/master/xoreos-tools-termux_armhf_0.0.5.1_arm.deb && apt install ./xoreos-tools-termux_armhf_0.0.5.1_arm.deb 

After doing that, you also need to install an app I made, because the xoreos-tools require the file "/lib/ld-linux.so.3". I've hex edited it to another path, but Termux home is too long, so I had to make an app with a really short package name. (Apk coming soon.) EDIT: Apk uploaded here.

The source for my deb is here. Also, the package includes a bunch of man pages with licenses, run "man xoreos-tools-termux-sources" to see more. The tools also come with man pages, run "man [tool]" to see how to use it. The source for my app is here.

I've put this under WIP instead of general because I'm hoping that I can get arm(el/v6), x86 and x64 (maybe MIPS, anybody know if KOTOR for Android supports MIPS?), so that it works for all devices. Currently, I only have armhf/armv7. I need a /lib/ld-linux.so* from each arch (I think MIPS is /lib/ld.so*), and xoreos-tools compiled, and all the libs (see source for list) used (xoreos-tools provides x86 and x64 binaries, if anybody could run ldd on them and let me know, it would help.)

Since these are just tools, you have to still manually do things like editing, but it's a lot easier using text and XML (still hard). Note that after editing, you do NOT need to convert 2das back (KOTOR can parse plaintext 2das), but you DO need to convert back all other formats, like tlk or gff. I mainly did this for convert2da, but the others could help, and I thought I'd share it. Also, hopefully, someone more skilled than I might be able to make some sort of tool that will automatically edit.

EDIT: Sorry, after installing the deb, thentools area not set executable. Run "chmod -R 755 ~/../usr/bin/" to fix that, I'll see what I can do in the deb.

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