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Alien Mods

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I almost always do alien playthroughs in kotor I and II--I just think it's more interesting.


Playing as an alien works much better in the first game than it does in the second one, however. Both games have some pretty awesome mods that let you look like an alien, but there are a few mods that only exist for kotor I (as far as I'm aware) that kotor II could really use. One of them is a sounsets mod, which allows you to go into KSE and replace the default soundset with an alien one. The second one is Alien DLG Correction, which replaces the word 'human' in dialogue with an alien species of your choosing (I think they have around 4 options, if I remember correctly).


I've made a few attempts at both of these, but they have been unsuccessful thus far--I'm pretty inept when it comes to modding this game. How difficult do you think making mods like these is? If it isn't too insanely difficult, I'll keep trying, but if it's pretty hard I may as well not.


If you want a reference for my skill at modding this game... just take that of a 3 year old child, and there you go... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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