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Trouble Making Simple KotOR Items - No File Types?

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Hello! I have been trying to make some very simple little mods for KotOR 1.
Just making a few new items with different statistics to use based of of what is already in the game.


I am running into a problem though, I have been using KotOR Tool and making the changes I want to items.

When I save the resulting file to my override file though they do not work.


Firstly the files do not seem to have a type my computer can even detect.

And no matter what I do I cannot get the items in the game.

If I try using the save editor they do not show up on the list of items.

If I try using giveitem within the game I get something in my inventory that has a grenade icon but no text.


I would really really like to not have to overwrite existing items to add the ones I made in so if anybody might know how to fix this I would be so truly thankful!

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Try to write the extension in the filename when saving the files. KotOR Tool does not add them automatically.

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