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[KOTOR I] Anyway to un-screw myself with the Bastila romance?

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So basically despite me having played this game multiple times over the years for the first time I managed to lock myself out of the Bastila romance by ending things negatively with her mother. I went along as usual not really paying attention to the fact she was completely silent towards me afterwards until I got done with my third star map. Realizing I was about to lose her and I hadn't completed her little dialog tree I ended up finding out I've totally boned myself because of a choice I made back on Tatooine. 

I've tried using the save game editor to change how the Bastila's mother quest ended, to remove and restart it and none of it worked but I could be doing something wrong I'm not very experieced with it outside of adjusting dark/lightside alignment.

I know theres like a one in a trillion chance I'm gonna find an answer that doesn't involve me going back to a 10 hour old (and two cleared out planets yaaay!) save but I gotta ask.

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If you load the save with KSE, what are the values of:


Globals -> Numerics -> K_SWG_HELENA


Globals -> Booleans -> K_SWG_HELENA_TALK


Globals -> Numerics -> K_SWG_BASTILA


Following the advice of JCarter in this post, try the following:


This is what I would recommend for Bastila:

  • Load a save from when you've found 3/5 Star Maps.
  • Set K_SWG_BASTILA to 10.
  • Make sure K_SWG_BASTILA_LEVEL is lower than your current character level.
  • Set K_SWG_HELENA to 4.
  • Either talk to Bastila about her mother or Set K_SWG_HELENA_TALK to TRUE.
  • Talk to Bastila to trigger the final romance conversation.

Unless you have a working fix for the romance glitch installed, do not try talking to her again after the final romance convo.

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Ah an absolute lifesaver man that worked. Playing around with the " K_SWG_BASTILA" also seems to enable me to still have all the conversations with Bastila instead of skipping to the final one. Gonna test to see if it will still naturally progress or if I have to manually up the integer in the save editor each time but either way this is a huge improvement over setting the clock back a few days worth of playtime or just going on without it. Big thanks to you and JCarter426.


EDIT: Yup I checked and everything works fine. I followed the same steps as JCarter's guide except instead of setting "K_SWG_BASTILA" to 10 I set it to where I had last left off speaking to her (6 in my case) and I could progress down the conversations as normal. 

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