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MOD:Easier Prestige

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Easier Prestige

This mod removes the alignment restriction for prestige classes. If you are neutral or below you will get sith, anything higher will get you the jedi classes. Just be level 15 and talk to Kreia and she will offer to further your training.


To install just drop kreia.dlg to your override folder!


Special thanks to everyone in this thread.


I am not kidding when I say all I did was lurk, followed their instructions years after they posted.


Only tested on TSLRCM. Please comment if you have any problems!


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May I suggest making it so that if your neutral you get a choice of what you wish to be so you might get a question like "Do you want to be a Jedi or a Sith" and if you pick Jedi, for example, you can become a Jedi prestige class and a bunch of LS points so you can get into the blue zone of the alignment screen and if you pick Sith you get to select the Jedi prestige class and you get a bunch of DS points to get into the red zone of the alignment screen.

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