Questions about the toolset? Is there any sort of definitive guide?

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Hello, I'm totally new to modding KoTOR. Are there guides to making modules?

What I'm trying to do is basically just do something simple like that Ord Mantel mod for KoTOR 1? Nothing fancy. Nothing more than cloning a bunch of modules, renaming them, changing what's inside and connecting them.


I have way too many questions about the tool and how to use it, I really need a guide. Is there one for the module editor? It really isn't as self explanatory as making or changing an item is.


How do I change modules around? I couldn't seem to add any transition spots without just changing a default one.

Is there anything to making people hostile or not, like some sort of toggle?

How do you make people merchants? Is it through the dialogue and that's all? Or do they require another setting as well?

And for when I finally finish, how would I go about adding a planet to the galaxy map I can select?

Is there anyway to clone the swoop racing module of one planet, and, if so, make it so it returns to my custom module, not say...Nar Shadaa/Telos/Onderon?


Thanks for answering. Hope I put this topic in the right section.

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The Toolset as it is now is currently a beta program and I actually have it torn apart to fix some stuff. There's no definitive guide yet because the program isn't currently done.


And what you're trying to do is currently not entirely within the Toolset's capability. But I'll try to answer the posted questions:


(Any time you see marks, they are used to outline where something goes. When you go to use the info, the marks should not be in your work.)


1. I don't fully understand what you mean by changing models around. As far as linking two levels, you'd have to edit a default one, unless you could find a spot in a level to reasonably transition to another level.


2. That is done in one of two general ways:

A ) Changing the Faction of the creature itself in its file to "STANDARD_FACTION_HOSTILE1". This can be done for already-spawned creatures (the ones shown in the Area View when you open a level) by toggling the "Display GFF Properties" button in the toolbar across the top of the screen to be active and clicking on a creature icon. Or you can open the creature's file by right-clicking it in the Area Contents frame (by default, the lower-left section).


B ) Through scripting using the function/command ChangeToStandardFaction, like so:


    ChangeToStandardFaction(, STANDARD_FACTION_HOSTILE1);


3. The actual stores themselves are .utm files, where the inventory of the .utm file is the store's wares. The stores are opened through the following function/command:


    OpenStore(, GetFirstPC(), , );


4. The Toolset isn't really equipped with the functionality for this, but you can use KotOR Tool and this tutorial.


5. The quickest answer to that is this:

1. If there is no .mod file for the level, copy the two .rim files for it and rename them (for the one with the "_s", keep the name the same as the file without the "_s" and add the "_s" at the end). THE NAME OF THE FIRST .RIM FILE MUST BE SIX ( 6 ) CHARACTERS.

2. Extract the heartbeat.ncs from 211TEL_s.rim using KotOR Tool and open this in a hex-editor.

3. Search and replace "207TEL" (without the quotes) with the name of your new level.

4. Assuming you have a waypoint in your new level that has "######_Swoop_Return" (where ###### is anything you want) for a tag, you can replace all instances of "211TEL" with the name of your new level.*

5. Save this hex-edited .ncs file and use ERFEdit (available in the Modding Tools section of our Downloads) to add it to your new "_s" .rim file.

6. Save the new "_s" .rim file using ERFEdit.


*: This will get you most of the way to where you need to be. You'd also need to add the following to the globalcat.2da file:


name column                     type column

######_SWOOP_MIN      Number

######_SWOOP_SEC     Number

######_SWOOP_MSEC  Number

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