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SWBF2: In-Game Skin Changer Mod

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The Skin Changer mod is a project of mine to use the unofficial v1.3 patch's fake console to allow players to customize the appearance of units (as well as heroes and vehicles in the future) in Star Wars: Battlefront II. I eventually plan to include many different options for all four major factions. A v0.5.5 public beta version is currently available to download (link below).


v0.5.5 Beta:


Known issues in the beta:


Installation instructions:


Instructional Video by MikeTheBeast55:


List of (most of the) currently planned skin options:


Gameplay videos:









When is this coming out?

When it's done. I don't know an exact date. I can't predict the future.


Is it online-compatible?



Can I use this with <insert mod name here>?

I originally thought it would be compatible with most mods, but I was wrong. After the release of the first beta I received dozens of crash reports. That said, it MAY still work with some mods, but all I can guarantee is that it'll work for the original, un-modded sides.


Can I add my own skins?

I hope to add that feature. No guarantees.


Will you release the assets?

When the mod is finished, i'll release the code for it. But not most of the skins, as they are made by others and can be found elsewhere. (Don't worry, they're all publicly released skins.)



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